Medical College of Wisconsin
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Elizabeth Worthey PhD

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Pediatrics
Division: Genomic Pediatrics
Program: Genomic Pediatrics


  • Making a definitive diagnosis: successful clinical application of whole exome sequencing in a child with intractable inflammatory bowel disease. (Worthey EA, Mayer AN, Syverson GD, Helbling D, Bonacci BB, Decker B, Serpe JM, Dasu T, Tschannen MR, Veith RL, Basehore MJ, Broeckel U, Tomita-Mitchell A, Arca MJ, Casper JT, Margolis DA, Bick DP, Hessner MJ, Routes JM, Verbsky JW, Jacob HJ, Dimmock DP) Genet Med 2011 Mar;13(3):255-62 PMID 21173700
  • A timely arrival for genomic medicine. (Mayer AN, Dimmock DP, Arca MJ, Bick DP, Verbsky JW, Worthey EA, Jacob HJ, Margolis DA) Genet Med 2011 Mar;13(3):195-6 PMID 21169843
  • Sequencing of the rat genome and databases. (Worthey EA, Stoddard AJ, Jacob HJ) Methods Mol Biol 2010;597:33-53 PMID 20013224
  • The Rat Genome Database 2009: variation, ontologies and pathways. (Dwinell MR, Worthey EA, Shimoyama M, Bakir-Gungor B, DePons J, Laulederkind S, Lowry T, Nigram R, Petri V, Smith J, Stoddard A, Twigger SN, Jacob HJ, RGD Team) Nucleic Acids Res 2009 Jan;37(Database issue):D744-9 PMID 18996890
  • Using fragment cocktail crystallography to assist inhibitor design of Trypanosoma brucei nucleoside 2-deoxyribosyltransferase. (Bosch J, Robien MA, Mehlin C, Boni E, Riechers A, Buckner FS, Van Voorhis WC, Myler PJ, Worthey EA, DeTitta G, Luft JR, Lauricella A, Gulde S, Anderson LA, Kalyuzhniy O, Neely HM, Ross J, Earnest TN, Soltis M, Schoenfeld L, Zucker F, Merritt EA, Fan E, Verlinde CL, Hol WG) J Med Chem 2006 Oct 5;49(20):5939-46 PMID 17004709
  • Taking U out, with two nucleases? (Mian IS, Worthey EA, Salavati R) BMC Bioinformatics 2006;7:305 PMID 16780580
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  • Structure of Lmaj006129AAA, a hypothetical protein from Leishmania major. (Arakaki T, Le Trong I, Phizicky E, Quartley E, DeTitta G, Luft J, Lauricella A, Anderson L, Kalyuzhniy O, Worthey E, Myler PJ, Kim D, Baker D, Hol WG, Merritt EA) Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun 2006 Mar 1;62(Pt 3):175-9 PMID 16511295
  • Crystal structure of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase from Plasmodium falciparum at 2.25 A resolution reveals intriguing extra electron density in the active site. (Robien MA, Bosch J, Buckner FS, Van Voorhis WC, Worthey EA, Myler P, Mehlin C, Boni EE, Kalyuzhniy O, Anderson L, Lauricella A, Gulde S, Luft JR, DeTitta G, Caruthers JM, Hodgson KO, Soltis M, Zucker F, Verlinde CL, Merritt EA, Schoenfeld LW, Hol WG) Proteins 2006 Mar 15;62(3):570-7 PMID 16345073
  • Structure of a ribulose 5-phosphate 3-epimerase from Plasmodium falciparum. (Caruthers J, Bosch J, Buckner F, Van Voorhis W, Myler P, Worthey E, Mehlin C, Boni E, DeTitta G, Luft J, Lauricella A, Kalyuzhniy O, Anderson L, Zucker F, Soltis M, Hol WG) Proteins 2006 Feb 1;62(2):338-42 PMID 16304640
  • Crystal structures and proposed structural/functional classification of three protozoan proteins from the isochorismatase superfamily. (Caruthers J, Zucker F, Worthey E, Myler PJ, Buckner F, Van Voorhuis W, Mehlin C, Boni E, Feist T, Luft J, Gulde S, Lauricella A, Kaluzhniy O, Anderson L, Le Trong I, Holmes MA, Earnest T, Soltis M, Hodgson KO, Hol WG, Merritt EA) Protein Sci 2005 Nov;14(11):2887-94 PMID 16199669
  • Comparative analysis of the kinomes of three pathogenic trypanosomatids: Leishmania major, Trypanosoma brucei and Trypanosoma cruzi. (Parsons M, Worthey EA, Ward PN, Mottram JC) BMC Genomics 2005;6:127 PMID 16164760
  • The genome of the kinetoplastid parasite, Leishmania major. (Ivens AC, Peacock CS, Worthey EA, Murphy L, Aggarwal G, Berriman M, Sisk E, Rajandream MA, Adlem E, Aert R, Anupama A, Apostolou Z, Attipoe P, Bason N, Bauser C, Beck A, Beverley SM, Bianchettin G, Borzym K, Bothe G, Bruschi CV, Collins M, Cadag E, Ciarloni L, Clayton C, Coulson RM, Cronin A, Cruz AK, Davies RM, De Gaudenzi J, Dobson DE, Duesterhoeft A, Fazelina G, Fosker N, Frasch AC, Fraser A, Fuchs M, Gabel C, Goble A, Goffeau A, Harris D, Hertz-Fowler C, Hilbert H, Horn D, Huang Y, Klages S, Knights A, Kube M, Larke N, Litvin L, Lord A, Louie T, Marra M, Masuy D, Matthews K, Michaeli S, Mottram JC, Müller-Auer S, Munden H, Nelson S, Norbertczak H, Oliver K, O'neil S, Pentony M, Pohl TM, Price C, Purnelle B, Quail MA, Rabbinowitsch E, Reinhardt R, Rieger M, Rinta J, Robben J, Robertson L, Ruiz JC, Rutter S, Saunders D, Schäfer M, Schein J, Schwartz DC, Seeger K, Seyler A, Sharp S, Shin H, Sivam D, Squares R, Squares S, Tosato V, Vogt C, Volckaert G, Wambutt R, Warren T, Wedler H, Woodward J, Zhou S, Zimmermann W, Smith DF, Blackwell JM, Stuart KD, Barrell B, Myler PJ) Science 2005 Jul 15;309(5733):436-42 PMID 16020728
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  • Genomic organization and gene expression in a chromosomal region of Leishmania major. (Monnerat S, Martinez-Calvillo S, Worthey E, Myler PJ, Stuart KD, Fasel N) Mol Biochem Parasitol 2004 Apr;134(2):233-43 PMID 15003843
  • Comparative analysis of editosome proteins in trypanosomatids. (Worthey EA, Schnaufer A, Mian IS, Stuart K, Salavati R) Nucleic Acids Res 2003 Nov 15;31(22):6392-408 PMID 14602897
  • Leishmania major chromosome 3 contains two long convergent polycistronic gene clusters separated by a tRNA gene. (Worthey EA, Martinez-Calvillo S, Schnaufer A, Aggarwal G, Cawthra J, Fazelinia G, Fong C, Fu G, Hassebrock M, Hixson G, Ivens AC, Kiser P, Marsolini F, Rickel E, Salavati R, Sisk E, Sunkin SM, Stuart KD, Myler PJ) Nucleic Acids Res 2003 Jul 15;31(14):4201-10 PMID 12853638
  • Evaluation of differential gene expression in Leishmania major Friedlin procyclics and metacyclics using DNA microarray analysis. (Saxena A, Worthey EA, Yan S, Leland A, Stuart KD, Myler PJ) Mol Biochem Parasitol 2003 Jun;129(1):103-14 PMID 12798511
  • Importing statistical measures into Artemis enhances gene identification in the Leishmania genome project. (Aggarwal G, Worthey EA, McDonagh PD, Myler PJ) BMC Bioinformatics 2003 Jun 7;4:23 PMID 12793912
  • The Leishmania genome project: new insights into gene organization and function. (Myler PJ, Beverley SM, Cruz AK, Dobson DE, Ivens AC, McDonagh PD, Madhubala R, Martinez-Calvillo S, Ruiz JC, Saxena A, Sisk E, Sunkin SM, Worthey E, Yan S, Stuart KD) Med Microbiol Immunol 2001 Nov;190(1-2):9-12 PMID 11770120
  • A role for selection in regulating the evolutionary emergence of disease-causing and other coding CAG repeats in humans and mice. (Hancock JM, Worthey EA, Santibáñez-Koref MF) Mol Biol Evol 2001 Jun;18(6):1014-23 PMID 11371590
  • Lymphocytes from orally tolerized mice display enhanced susceptibility to death by apoptosis when cultured in the absence of antigen in vitro. (Garside P, Steel M, Worthey EA, Kewin PJ, Howie SE, Harrison DJ, Bishop D, Mowat AM) Am J Pathol 1996 Dec;149(6):1971-9 PMID 8952532
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  • T helper 2 cells are subject to high dose oral tolerance and are not essential for its induction. (Garside P, Steel M, Worthey EA, Satoskar A, Alexander J, Bluethmann H, Liew FY, Mowat AM) J Immunol 1995 Jun 1;154(11):5649-55 PMID 7751616
  • Grants and Awards

  • Extending Yeast to Intermine Rat & Zebrafish Model Organism Databases (#9207844 07/18/2011 - 05/31/2015) Sponsor: University of Cambridge
  • Last update: 01/03/2011