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Jay W. Tichelaar PhD

Jay W. Tichelaar PhD

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Pharmacology and Toxicology
Program: Cancer Center


  • Transcriptomic analysis by RNA-seq reveals AP-1 pathway as key regulator that green tea may rely on to inhibit lung tumorigenesis. (Pan J, Zhang Q, Xiong D, Vedell P, Yan Y, Jiang H, Cui P, Ding F, Tichelaar JW, Wang Y, Lubet RA, You M) Mol Carcinog 2014 Jan;53(1):19-29 PMID 24343902
  • Mouse models of chemically-induced lung carcinogenesis. (Vikis HG, Rymaszewski AL, Tichelaar JW) Front Biosci (Elite Ed) 2013;5:939-46 PMID 23747909
  • Black raspberry-derived anthocyanins demethylate tumor suppressor genes through the inhibition of DNMT1 and DNMT3B in colon cancer cells. (Wang LS, Kuo CT, Cho SJ, Seguin C, Siddiqui J, Stoner K, Weng YI, Huang TH, Tichelaar J, Yearsley M, Stoner GD, Huang YW) Nutr Cancer 2013;65(1):118-25 PMID 23368921
  • Lung laminin-332 deficiency enhances engraftment of tumor cells into the lung but retards tumor cell growth. (Adair-Kirk TL, Meyer MJ, Vikas HG, Tichelaar JW, Jackson EN, Piwnica-Worms DR, Senior RM) Proc Am Thorac Soc 2012 May;9(2):83 PMID 22550257
  • Neutrophils are required for 3-methylcholanthrene-initiated, butylated hydroxytoluene-promoted lung carcinogenesis. (Vikis HG, Gelman AE, Franklin A, Stein L, Rymaszewski A, Zhu J, Liu P, Tichelaar JW, Krupnick AS, You M) Mol Carcinog 2012 Dec;51(12):993-1002 PMID 22006501
  • GM-CSF modulates pulmonary resistance to influenza A infection. (Sever-Chroneos Z, Murthy A, Davis J, Florence JM, Kurdowska A, Krupa A, Tichelaar JW, White MR, Hartshorn KL, Kobzik L, Whitsett JA, Chroneos ZC) Antiviral Res 2011 Nov;92(2):319-28 PMID 21925209
  • Principles for the post-GWAS functional characterization of cancer risk loci. (Freedman ML, Monteiro AN, Gayther SA, Coetzee GA, Risch A, Plass C, Casey G, De Biasi M, Carlson C, Duggan D, James M, Liu P, Tichelaar JW, Vikis HG, You M, Mills IG) Nat Genet 2011 Jun;43(6):513-8 PMID 21614091
  • A dominant-negative c-jun mutant inhibits lung carcinogenesis in mice. (Tichelaar JW, Yan Y, Tan Q, Wang Y, Estensen RD, Young MR, Colburn NH, Yin H, Goodin C, Anderson MW, You M) Cancer Prev Res (Phila) 2010 Sep;3(9):1148-56 PMID 20716630
  • Sustained CTL activation by murine pulmonary epithelial cells promotes the development of COPD-like disease. (Borchers MT, Wesselkamper SC, Curull V, Ramirez-Sarmiento A, S├ínchez-Font A, Garcia-Aymerich J, Coronell C, Lloreta J, Agusti AG, Gea J, Howington JA, Reed MF, Starnes SL, Harris NL, Vitucci M, Eppert BL, Motz GT, Fogel K, McGraw DW, Tichelaar JW, Orozco-Levi M) J Clin Invest 2009 Mar;119(3):636-49 PMID 19197141
  • Surfactant-associated protein B is critical to survival in nickel-induced injury in mice. (Bein K, Wesselkamper SC, Liu X, Dietsch M, Majumder N, Concel VJ, Medvedovic M, Sartor MA, Henning LN, Venditto C, Borchers MT, Barchowsky A, Weaver TE, Tichelaar JW, Prows DR, Korfhagen TR, Hardie WD, Bachurski CJ, Leikauf GD) Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 2009 Aug;41(2):226-36 PMID 19131640
  • Nonredundant functions of alphabeta and gammadelta T cells in acrolein-induced pulmonary pathology. (Borchers MT, Wesselkamper SC, Eppert BL, Motz GT, Sartor MA, Tomlinson CR, Medvedovic M, Tichelaar JW) Toxicol Sci 2008 Sep;105(1):188-99 PMID 18515264
  • Effect of dietary green tea extract and aerosolized difluoromethylornithine during lung tumor progression in A/J strain mice. (Anderson MW, Goodin C, Zhang Y, Kim S, Estensen RD, Wiedmann TS, Sekar P, Buncher CR, Khoury JC, Garbow JR, You M, Tichelaar JW) Carcinogenesis 2008 Aug;29(8):1594-600 PMID 18515278
  • Duration-dependent cytoprotective versus inflammatory effects of lung epithelial fibroblast growth factor-7 expression. (Tichelaar JW, Wesselkamper SC, Chowdhury S, Yin H, Berclaz PY, Sartor MA, Leikauf GD, Whitsett JA) Exp Lung Res 2007 Oct-Nov;33(8-9):385-417 PMID 17994369
  • CD8+ T cells contribute to macrophage accumulation and airspace enlargement following repeated irritant exposure. (Borchers MT, Wesselkamper SC, Harris NL, Deshmukh H, Beckman E, Vitucci M, Tichelaar JW, Leikauf GD) Exp Mol Pathol 2007 Dec;83(3):301-10 PMID 17950725
  • Increased staining for phospho-Akt, p65/RELA and cIAP-2 in pre-neoplastic human bronchial biopsies. (Tichelaar JW, Zhang Y, leRiche JC, Biddinger PW, Lam S, Anderson MW) BMC Cancer 2005;5:155 PMID 16332260
  • Gene expression changes during the development of acute lung injury: role of transforming growth factor beta. (Wesselkamper SC, Case LM, Henning LN, Borchers MT, Tichelaar JW, Mason JM, Dragin N, Medvedovic M, Sartor MA, Tomlinson CR, Leikauf GD) Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2005 Dec 1;172(11):1399-411 PMID 16100012
  • Conditional expression of the mutant Ki-rasG12C allele results in formation of benign lung adenomas: development of a novel mouse lung tumor model. (Floyd HS, Farnsworth CL, Kock ND, Mizesko MC, Little JL, Dance ST, Everitt J, Tichelaar J, Whitsett JA, Miller MS) Carcinogenesis 2005 Dec;26(12):2196-206 PMID 16051643
  • Over expression of FGF7 enhances cell proliferation but fails to cause pathology in corneal epithelium of Kerapr-rtTA/FGF7 bitransgenic mice. (Hayashi M, Hayashi Y, Liu CY, Tichelaar JW, Kao WW) Mol Vis 2005;11:201-7 PMID 15788998
  • Interleukin-1beta causes pulmonary inflammation, emphysema, and airway remodeling in the adult murine lung. (Lappalainen U, Whitsett JA, Wert SE, Tichelaar JW, Bry K) Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 2005 Apr;32(4):311-8 PMID 15668323
  • Activation of the Akt/nuclear factor-kappaB signaling axis in developing lung neoplasia. (Tichelaar JW, Zhang Y, LeRiche JC, Lam S, Anderson MW) Chest 2004 May;125(5 Suppl):153S PMID 15136479
  • Conditional expression of transforming growth factor-alpha in adult mouse lung causes pulmonary fibrosis. (Hardie WD, Le Cras TD, Jiang K, Tichelaar JW, Azhar M, Korfhagen TR) Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol 2004 Apr;286(4):L741-9 PMID 14660483
  • SP-B deficiency causes respiratory failure in adult mice. (Melton KR, Nesslein LL, Ikegami M, Tichelaar JW, Clark JC, Whitsett JA, Weaver TE) Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol 2003 Sep;285(3):L543-9 PMID 12639841
  • Fibroblast growth factor 18 influences proximal programming during lung morphogenesis. (Whitsett JA, Clark JC, Picard L, Tichelaar JW, Wert SE, Itoh N, Perl AK, Stahlman MT) J Biol Chem 2002 Jun 21;277(25):22743-9 PMID 11927601
  • Conditional gene expression in the respiratory epithelium of the mouse. (Perl AK, Tichelaar JW, Whitsett JA) Transgenic Res 2002 Feb;11(1):21-9 PMID 11874100
  • Induction and apoptotic regression of lung adenocarcinomas by regulation of a K-Ras transgene in the presence and absence of tumor suppressor genes. (Fisher GH, Wellen SL, Klimstra D, Lenczowski JM, Tichelaar JW, Lizak MJ, Whitsett JA, Koretsky A, Varmus HE) Genes Dev 2001 Dec 15;15(24):3249-62 PMID 11751631
  • Transgenic models for study of lung morphogenesis and repair: Parker B. Francis lecture. (Whitsett JA, Glasser SW, Tichelaar JW, Perl AK, Clark JC, Wert SE) Chest 2001 Jul;120(1 Suppl):27S-30S PMID 11451901
  • FGF-10 disrupts lung morphogenesis and causes pulmonary adenomas in vivo. (Clark JC, Tichelaar JW, Wert SE, Itoh N, Perl AK, Stahlman MT, Whitsett JA) Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol 2001 Apr;280(4):L705-15 PMID 11238011
  • Conditional expression of fibroblast growth factor-7 in the developing and mature lung. (Tichelaar JW, Lu W, Whitsett JA) J Biol Chem 2000 Apr 21;275(16):11858-64 PMID 10766812
  • HNF-3/forkhead homologue-4 influences lung morphogenesis and respiratory epithelial cell differentiation in vivo. (Tichelaar JW, Lim L, Costa RH, Whitsett JA) Dev Biol 1999 Sep 15;213(2):405-17 PMID 10479457
  • Forkhead transcription factor HFH-4 and respiratory epithelial cell differentiation. (Whitsett JA, Tichelaar JW) Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 1999 Aug;21(2):153-4 PMID 10423395
  • HNF-3/forkhead homologue-4 (HFH-4) is expressed in ciliated epithelial cells in the developing mouse lung. (Tichelaar JW, Wert SE, Costa RH, Kimura S, Whitsett JA) J Histochem Cytochem 1999 Jun;47(6):823-32 PMID 10330459
  • In vivo expression of a variant human U6 RNA from a unique, internal promoter. (Tichelaar JW, Wieben ED, Reddy R, Vrabel A, Camacho P) Biochemistry 1998 Sep 15;37(37):12943-51 PMID 9737874
  • Transcription of a variant human U6 small nuclear RNA gene is controlled by a novel, internal RNA polymerase III promoter. (Tichelaar JW, Knerer B, Vrabel A, Wieben ED) Mol Cell Biol 1994 Aug;14(8):5450-7 PMID 8035822
  • Grants and Awards

  • AP-1 Inhibition as a Common Therapeutic Target for TKI Resistant and Susceptible Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Mutated Lung Adenocarcinoma (#9207741 11/01/2012 - 06/30/2014) Sponsor: Lung Cancer Research Foundation
  • Cancer Center Chemoprevention Program (#9520180 11/01/2010 - 10/31/2016) PI of AHW Chemoprevention Program-Recruitment of Jay Tichelaar, Ph.D (#5520183)
  • Cancer Center Infrastructure Grant (#9520181 11/01/2010 - 10/31/2016) PI of Role of CCR4 in Lung Tumor Immune Surveillance (#5520248)