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NOTE: We are currently updating our screencasts to include new features and reflect our updated theme. The new screencasts will also work on more browsers. If you have questions after reviewing these tutorials, contact us

Faculty: Logging In For The First Time
Start here to see the typical process for faculty to gain initial access to FCD.

Faculty: Logging In For The First Time If We Can't Find Your Record
Take a look at this screencast to see what happens if we can't find faculty information in the system.

Creating a NIH Biosketch Document
Learn how to create multiple Biosketch documents using information already in your FCD record

Editing your Online Profile
This screencast explains how to edit online profiles.

Adding a profile picture
This short screencast illustrates how to upload your photo to your online profile.

Confirming Publications
This screencast shows how to confirm or reject Pubmed publications that have been found for faculty. Also details how to have publications automatically added to the CV. (screencast being updated)

Building a CV
This screencast shows how to upload CVs into the FCD and how to edit the CV. (screencast being updated)

Updating a CV
This short screencast illustrates how to update and maintain CVs after upload. (screencast being updated)

How to Add a Faculty Designee
Faculty designees, such as an Administrative Assistant, may create accounts to manage faculty CVs and Profiles. This screencast illustrates the steps faculty and designees must take to create accounts. (screencast being updated)