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Faculty in the Cardiovascular Center

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Director NamePositionDepartment
Ivor J. Benjamin MD profile photo pictureBenjamin, Ivor J. MDCenter Director, ProfessorMedicine


Member NamePositionDepartment
Arshak R. Alexanian VMD, PhD profile photo pictureAlexanian, Arshak R. VMD, PhDAdjunct Associate ProfessorMedicine
John A. Auchampach PhD profile photo pictureAuchampach, John A. PhDProfessorPharmacology and Toxicology
Tom P. Aufderheide MD profile photo pictureAufderheide, Tom P. MDProfessorEmergency Medicine
Xiaowen Bai PhD profile photo pictureBai, Xiaowen PhDAssociate ProfessorCell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy
John E. Baker PhD profile photo pictureBaker, John E. PhDProfessorSurgery
Peter J. Bartz MD profile photo pictureBartz, Peter J. MDProfessorPediatrics
Lisa M. Baumann Kreuziger MD profile photo pictureBaumann Kreuziger, Lisa M. MDAssociate ProfessorMedicine
Ivor J. Benjamin MD profile photo pictureBenjamin, Ivor J. MDCenter Director, ProfessorMedicine
Dudley Woodrow Benson MD profile photo pictureBenson, Dudley Woodrow MDAdjunct ProfessorPediatrics
Andreas M. Beyer PhD profile photo pictureBeyer, Andreas M. PhDAssociate ProfessorMedicine
Kirsten M. Beyer PhD, MPH profile photo pictureBeyer, Kirsten M. PhD, MPHAssociate ProfessorInstitute for Health and Equity
Zeljko J. Bosnjak PhD profile photo pictureBosnjak, Zeljko J. PhDProfessorMedicine
Braza, Diane W. MDChair, ProfessorPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Ulrich Broeckel MD profile photo pictureBroeckel, Ulrich MDChief, Center Associate Director, ProfessorPediatrics
Sherry-Ann Brown MD, PhD profile photo pictureBrown, Sherry-Ann MD, PhDAssistant ProfessorMedicine
Amadou K. Camara PhD profile photo pictureCamara, Amadou K. PhDProfessorAnesthesiology
William B. Campbell PhD profile photo pictureCampbell, William B. PhDProfessorPharmacology and Toxicology
Joseph R. Cava MD, PhD profile photo pictureCava, Joseph R. MD, PhDAssociate ProfessorPediatrics
Yiliang Chen PhD profile photo pictureChen, Yiliang PhDAssistant ProfessorMedicine
Magdalena Chrzanowska PhD profile photo pictureChrzanowska, Magdalena PhDAssociate ProfessorPharmacology and Toxicology
Michael P. Cinquegrani MD profile photo pictureCinquegrani, Michael P. MDDirector, ProfessorMedicine
Susan Cohen MD profile photo pictureCohen, Susan MDAssociate ProfessorPediatrics
Cohoon, Kevin DOAssistant ProfessorMedicine
Ross F. Collery PhD profile photo pictureCollery, Ross F. PhDAssistant ProfessorOphthalmology and Visual Sciences
Corbett, John A. PhDChair, ProfessorBiochemistry
Allen W. Cowley Jr PhD profile photo pictureCowley Jr, Allen W. PhDProfessorPhysiology
Bradley H. Crotty MD profile photo pictureCrotty, Bradley H. MDAssociate ProfessorMedicine
Ranjan K. Dash PhD profile photo pictureDash, Ranjan K. PhDProfessorBiomedical Engineering
Matt Durand PhD profile photo pictureDurand, Matt PhDAssociate ProfessorPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Melinda R. Dwinell PhD profile photo pictureDwinell, Melinda R. PhDProfessorPhysiology
Ebert, Allison D. PhDAssociate ProfessorCell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy
Leonard E. Egede MD profile photo pictureEgede, Leonard E. MDCenter Director, Chief, ProfessorMedicine
Ashraf El-Meanawy MD, PhD profile photo pictureEl-Meanawy, Ashraf MD, PhDProfessorMedicine
Douglas B. Evans MD profile photo pictureEvans, Douglas B. MDChair, ProfessorSurgery
Carol A. Everson PhD profile photo pictureEverson, Carol A. PhDProfessorMedicine
Robert Fitts PhD profile photo pictureFitts, Robert PhDProfessorBiological Sciences
Susan Foerster MD profile photo pictureFoerster, Susan MDAssociate ProfessorPediatrics
Forster, Hubert V. PhDProfessorPhysiology
Julie K. Freed MD, PhD profile photo pictureFreed, Julie K. MD, PhDAssociate ProfessorAnesthesiology
David R. Friedland MD profile photo pictureFriedland, David R. MDChief, ProfessorOtolaryngology
Peter C. Frommelt MD profile photo pictureFrommelt, Peter C. MDProfessorPediatrics
Benjamin N. Gantner PhD profile photo pictureGantner, Benjamin N. PhDAssistant ProfessorMedicine
Aron Geurts PhD profile photo pictureGeurts, Aron PhDProfessorPhysiology
Salil Ginde MD, MPH profile photo pictureGinde, Salil MD, MPHAssociate ProfessorPediatrics
Ben Goot MD profile photo pictureGoot, Ben MDAssociate ProfessorPediatrics
Elizabeth M. Gore MD profile photo pictureGore, Elizabeth M. MDProfessorRadiation Oncology
Justin L. Grobe PhD profile photo pictureGrobe, Justin L. PhDAssociate ProfessorPhysiology
David D. Gutterman MD profile photo pictureGutterman, David D. MDSr Associate Director, ProfessorMedicine
Handler, Stephanie S. MDAssistant ProfessorPediatrics
Hari, Parameswaran MDChief, ProfessorMedicine
Heather A. Himburg PhD profile photo pictureHimburg, Heather A. PhDAssociate ProfessorRadiation Oncology
Matthew R. Hodges PhD profile photo pictureHodges, Matthew R. PhDAssociate ProfessorPhysiology
George M. Hoffman MD profile photo pictureHoffman, George M. MDChief, ProfessorAnesthesiology
Quinn H. Hogan MD profile photo pictureHogan, Quinn H. MDVice Chair, ProfessorAnesthesiology
Neil Hogg PhD profile photo pictureHogg, Neil PhDAssociate Dean, ProfessorBiophysics
Jeana Holt DNP, RN, FNP-BC, APNP profile photo pictureHolt, Jeana DNP, RN, FNP-BC, APNPClinical Assistant Professor; Family Nurse PractitionerCollege of Nursing
Johnny C. Hong MD, FACS profile photo pictureHong, Johnny C. MD, FACSChief, ProfessorSurgery
Huang, Chiang-Ching Spencer PhDAdjunct InstructorClinical and Translational Science Institute
El-Sayed H. Ibrahim PhD profile photo pictureIbrahim, El-Sayed H. PhDAssociate ProfessorRadiology
John D. Imig PhD profile photo pictureImig, John D. PhDProfessorPharmacology and Toxicology
Elizabeth R. Jacobs MD profile photo pictureJacobs, Elizabeth R. MDProfessorMedicine
Jason A. Jarzembowski MD, PhD profile photo pictureJarzembowski, Jason A. MD, PhDSr Associate Dean, CEO CSG, ProfessorPathology
David L. Joyce MD profile photo pictureJoyce, David L. MDAssociate ProfessorSurgery
Lyle D. Joyce MD profile photo pictureJoyce, Lyle D. MDProfessorSurgery
Balaraman Kalyanaraman PhD profile photo pictureKalyanaraman, Balaraman PhDChair, ProfessorBiophysics
Kamaraju, Sailaja MDAssociate ProfessorMedicine
Srividya Kidambi MD profile photo pictureKidambi, Srividya MDChief, Associate ProfessorMedicine
Joohyun Kim MD, PhD profile photo pictureKim, Joohyun MD, PhDAssociate ProfessorSurgery
Tammy Lyn Kindel MD, PhD profile photo pictureKindel, Tammy Lyn MD, PhDAssociate ProfessorSurgery
John Kirby PhD profile photo pictureKirby, John PhDChair, Center Associate Director, ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Kirkpatrick, Edward C. DOAssociate ProfessorPediatrics
Girija Ganesh Konduri MD profile photo pictureKonduri, Girija Ganesh MDChief, ProfessorPediatrics
Amanda L. Kong MD, MS profile photo pictureKong, Amanda L. MD, MSProfessorSurgery
Alison J. Kriegel PhD profile photo pictureKriegel, Alison J. PhDAssociate ProfessorPhysiology
Jacquelyn P. Kulinski MD profile photo pictureKulinski, Jacquelyn P. MDAssociate ProfessorMedicine
Suresh Kumar PhD profile photo pictureKumar, Suresh PhDAssociate ProfessorPathology
Jamila L. Kwarteng PhD profile photo pictureKwarteng, Jamila L. PhDAssistant ProfessorInstitute for Health and Equity
Anne E. Kwitek PhD profile photo pictureKwitek, Anne E. PhDAssociate ProfessorPhysiology
Kwok, Wai-Meng PhDProfessorAnesthesiology
Michael W. Lawlor MD, PhD profile photo pictureLawlor, Michael W. MD, PhDProfessorPathology
Liang, Mingyu PhDVice Chair, Center Director, ProfessorPhysiology
Lincoln, Joy PhDProfessorPediatrics
Brian A. Link PhD profile photo pictureLink, Brian A. PhDProfessorCell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy
Liu, Pengyuan PhDAdjunct ProfessorPhysiology
Yong Liu PhD profile photo pictureLiu, Yong PhDAssistant ProfessorPhysiology
Robert Lochhead PhD profile photo pictureLochhead, Robert PhDAssistant ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Nicole L. Lohr MD, PhD profile photo pictureLohr, Nicole L. MD, PhDAssociate ProfessorMedicine
Lough, John W. PhDProfessorCell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy
Akiko Mammoto MD, PhD profile photo pictureMammoto, Akiko MD, PhDAssociate ProfessorPediatrics
Tadanori Mammoto MD, PhD profile photo pictureMammoto, Tadanori MD, PhDAssistant ProfessorPediatrics
Neel Mansukhani MD profile photo pictureMansukhani, Neel MDAssistant ProfessorSurgery
David S. Marks MD profile photo pictureMarks, David S. MDVice Chair, ProfessorMedicine
Jennifer Jury Mcintosh DO profile photo pictureMcintosh, Jennifer Jury DOAssociate ProfessorObstetrics and Gynecology
John R. Meurer MD, MBA profile photo pictureMeurer, John R. MD, MBAInstitute Director, ProfessorInstitute for Health and Equity
Aoy Tomita Mitchell PhD profile photo pictureMitchell, Aoy Tomita PhDProfessorSurgery
Michael Edward Mitchell MD profile photo pictureMitchell, Michael Edward MDProfessorSurgery
Robert R. Montgomery MD profile photo pictureMontgomery, Robert R. MDAdjunct ProfessorPediatrics
Lisa Morselli MD, PhD profile photo pictureMorselli, Lisa MD, PhDAssistant ProfessorMedicine
David A. Nelson PhD profile photo pictureNelson, David A. PhDAssociate ProfessorFamily Medicine
Debra K. Newman PhD profile photo pictureNewman, Debra K. PhDInvestigatorBlood Research Institute
Newman, Peter J. PhDProfessorPharmacology and Toxicology
T Hang Nghiem-Rao MD profile photo pictureNghiem-Rao, T Hang MDAssociate ProfessorPediatrics
Paula E. North MD, PhD profile photo pictureNorth, Paula E. MD, PhDProfessorPathology
O'Meara, Caitlin C. PhDAssistant ProfessorPhysiology
Jessica Olson PhD profile photo pictureOlson, Jessica PhDDirector, Assistant ProfessorInstitute for Health and Equity
Anna Palatnik MD profile photo picturePalatnik, Anna MDAssociate ProfessorObstetrics and Gynecology
Pan, Amy Y. PhDAssistant ProfessorPediatrics
Michaela Patterson PhD profile photo picturePatterson, Michaela PhDAssistant ProfessorCell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy
Paul Joseph Pearson MD, PhD profile photo picturePearson, Paul Joseph MD, PhDChief, ProfessorSurgery
Sandra L. Pfister PhD profile photo picturePfister, Sandra L. PhDProfessorPharmacology and Toxicology
Sunila Pradeep PhD profile photo picturePradeep, Sunila PhDAssistant ProfessorObstetrics and Gynecology
Kirkwood A. Pritchard PhD profile photo picturePritchard, Kirkwood A. PhDProfessorSurgery
Ramani Ramchandran PhD profile photo pictureRamchandran, Ramani PhDProfessorPediatrics
Kevin Richard Rarick PhD profile photo pictureRarick, Kevin Richard PhDAssistant ProfessorPediatrics
Honey Reddi PhD profile photo pictureReddi, Honey PhDCenter Associate Director, Associate ProfessorPathology
Kevin R. Regner MD profile photo pictureRegner, Kevin R. MDChief, ProfessorMedicine
Christopher J. Roberts MD, PhD profile photo pictureRoberts, Christopher J. MD, PhDAssistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Ann K. Rosenthal MD profile photo pictureRosenthal, Ann K. MDAssociate Dean, Chief, ProfessorMedicine
Jason C. Rubenstein MD profile photo pictureRubenstein, Jason C. MDAssociate ProfessorMedicine
Hallgeir Rui MD, PhD profile photo pictureRui, Hallgeir MD, PhDVice Chair, ProfessorPathology
Daisy Sahoo PhD profile photo pictureSahoo, Daisy PhDVice Chair, ProfessorMedicine
Salzman, Nita H. MD, PhDProfessorPediatrics
Saucedo, Jorge MDChief, ProfessorMedicine
John P. Scott MD profile photo pictureScott, John P. MDAssociate ProfessorAnesthesiology
Motaz Selim MBBS, MSc, MD, PhD profile photo pictureSelim, Motaz MBBS, MSc, MD, PhDAssistant ProfessorSurgery
Reza Shaker MD profile photo pictureShaker, Reza MDAssoc Provost, Sr Assoc Dean, Ctr Dir, Chief, ProfMedicine
Curt Sigmund PhD profile photo pictureSigmund, Curt PhDChair, ProfessorPhysiology
Roy L. Silverstein MD profile photo pictureSilverstein, Roy L. MDChair, Center Associate Director, ProfessorMedicine
Pippa M. Simpson PhD profile photo pictureSimpson, Pippa M. PhDChief, ProfessorPediatrics
Ravi K. Singh PhD profile photo pictureSingh, Ravi K. PhDAssistant ProfessorPathology
Brian C. Smith PhD profile photo pictureSmith, Brian C. PhDAssociate ProfessorBiochemistry
Mary Sorci Thomas PhD profile photo pictureSorci Thomas, Mary PhDProfessorMedicine
Andrey Sorokin PhD profile photo pictureSorokin, Andrey PhDProfessorMedicine
Rodney Sparapani PhD profile photo pictureSparapani, Rodney PhDAssociate ProfessorInstitute for Health and Equity
Andrew Spearman MD profile photo pictureSpearman, Andrew MDAssistant ProfessorPediatrics
Melinda Stolley PhD profile photo pictureStolley, Melinda PhDCenter Associate Director, ProfessorMedicine
David F. Stowe MD, PhD profile photo pictureStowe, David F. MD, PhDProfessorAnesthesiology
Janette F. Strasburger MD profile photo pictureStrasburger, Janette F. MDProfessorPediatrics
Sundararajan, Sakthi MDInstructorMedicine
Elizabeth Sweeny PhD profile photo pictureSweeny, Elizabeth PhDAssistant ProfessorBiochemistry
Justinn M. Tanem MD profile photo pictureTanem, Justinn M. MDAssistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Brandon J. Tefft PhD profile photo pictureTefft, Brandon J. PhDAssistant ProfessorBiomedical Engineering
Ru-Jeng Teng MD profile photo pictureTeng, Ru-Jeng MDAssociate ProfessorPediatrics
Thomas, Michael J. PhDProfessorPharmacology and Toxicology
Raul A. Urrutia MD profile photo pictureUrrutia, Raul A. MDCenter Director, ProfessorSurgery
Jeannette M. Vasquez-Vivar PhD profile photo pictureVasquez-Vivar, Jeannette M. PhDProfessorBiophysics
Bo Wang PhD profile photo pictureWang, Bo PhDAssistant ProfessorBiomedical Engineering
Harry T. Whelan MD profile photo pictureWhelan, Harry T. MDProfessorNeurology
Gilbert C. White MD profile photo pictureWhite, Gilbert C. MDProfessorMedicine
Jeffrey Whittle MD profile photo pictureWhittle, Jeffrey MDProfessorMedicine
Michael E. Widlansky MD profile photo pictureWidlansky, Michael E. MDAssociate Director, ProfessorMedicine
Joni Williams MD, MPH profile photo pictureWilliams, Joni MD, MPHAssociate ProfessorMedicine
Willoughby, Rodney E. MDProfessorPediatrics
Ronald K. Woods MD profile photo pictureWoods, Ronald K. MDProfessorSurgery
Hongwei Yu MD profile photo pictureYu, Hongwei MDProfessorAnesthesiology
Svetlana Zaharova NP profile photo pictureZaharova, Svetlana NPNurse PractitionerMedicine
David X. Zhang MD, PhD profile photo pictureZhang, David X. MD, PhDAssociate ProfessorMedicine
Ze Zheng PhD profile photo pictureZheng, Ze PhDAssistant ProfessorMedicine
Jieqing Zhu PhD profile photo pictureZhu, Jieqing PhDAssistant Professor, Associate InvestigatorBiochemistry
Jacek M. Zielonka PhD profile photo pictureZielonka, Jacek M. PhDAssistant ProfessorBiophysics
Michael A. Zimmerman MD, FACS profile photo pictureZimmerman, Michael A. MD, FACSProfessorSurgery