Medical College of Wisconsin
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Allison Abbott PhD

Associate Professor

Institution: Marquette University
Department: Biology

Member of the Cancer Center

Publications (6)

  • Functional analysis of microRNA pathway genes in the somatic gonad and germ cells during ovulation in C. elegans. (Rios C, Warren D, Olson B, Abbott AL) Dev Biol 2017 06 01;426(1):115-125 PMID: 28461238 PMCID: PMC5716346 05/04/2017       11 Citations
  • Stage-Specific Timing of the microRNA Regulation of lin-28 by the Heterochronic Gene lin-14 in Caenorhabditis elegans. (Tsialikas J, Romens MA, Abbott A, Moss EG) Genetics 2017 01;205(1):251-262 PMID: 27815363 PMCID: PMC5223506 11/07/2016       6 Citations
  • miR-786 regulation of a fatty-acid elongase contributes to rhythmic calcium-wave initiation in C. elegans. (Kemp BJ, Allman E, Immerman L, Mohnen M, Peters MA, Nehrke K, Abbott AL) Curr Biol 2012 Dec 04;22(23):2213-20 PMID: 23141108 PMCID: PMC3586602 11/13/2012       14 Citations
  • The mir-51 family of microRNAs functions in diverse regulatory pathways in Caenorhabditis elegans. (Brenner JL, Kemp BJ, Abbott AL) PLoS One 2012;7(5):e37185 PMID: 22615936 PMCID: PMC3353893 05/23/2012       16 Citations
  • Uncovering new functions for microRNAs in Caenorhabditis elegans. (Abbott AL) Curr Biol 2011 Sep 13;21(17):R668-71 PMID: 21920301 PMCID: PMC3189681 09/17/2011       29 Citations
  • Loss of individual microRNAs causes mutant phenotypes in sensitized genetic backgrounds in C. elegans. (Brenner JL, Jasiewicz KL, Fahley AF, Kemp BJ, Abbott AL) Curr Biol 2010 Jul 27;20(14):1321-5 PMID: 20579881 PMCID: PMC2946380 06/29/2010       97 Citations