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Dawn Siegel MD

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Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Dermatology
Program: Outpatient Pediatric

Member of the Genomic Sciences and Precision Medicine Center (GSPMC)

Publications (93)

  • Epidemiology, Clinical Features, and Use of Early Supportive Measures in PHACE Syndrome: A European Multinational Observational Study. (Disse SC, Toelle SP, Schroeder S, Theiler M, Weibel L, Broser P, Langner C, Siegel D, Brockmann K, Schoenfelder I, Meyer S) Neuroepidemiology 2020 Jul 01:1-9 PMID: 32610335 07/02/2020    
  • Management of infantile hemangiomas during the COVID pandemic. (Frieden IJ, Püttgen KB, Drolet BA, Garzon MC, Chamlin SL, Pope E, Mancini AJ, Lauren CT, Mathes EF, Siegel DH, Gupta D, Haggstrom AN, Tollefson MM, Baselga E, Morel KD, Shah SD, Holland KE, Adams DM, Horii KA, Newell BD, Powell J, McCuaig CC, Nopper AJ, Metry DW, Maguiness S, Hemangioma Investigator Group) Pediatr Dermatol 2020 May;37(3):412-418 PMID: 32298480 PMCID: PMC7262142 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85083865858 04/17/2020       2 Citations
  • Limited Utility of Repeated Vital Sign Monitoring During Initiation of Oral Propranolol for Complicated Infantile Hemangioma. (Püttgen KB, Hansen LM, Lauren C, Stefanko N, Mathes E, Olsen GM, Tollefson MM, Adams D, Baselga E, Chamlin S, Corey K, Frascari FF, Frieden IJ, Galligan ER, Gupta D, Haggstrom A, Horii K, Hornik CP, Klajn J, Liberman L, Mancini A, Mannschreck D, McGinness A, McCuaig C, Newell B, Nguyen H, Nopper A, Oyesanya T, Powell J, Reynolds M, Rios M, Siegel DH, Ward K, Garzon MC, Frommelt P, Drolet BA) J Am Acad Dermatol 2020 Apr 11 PMID: 32289387 04/15/2020    
  • Clinical and histologic presentation of pediatric reactive granulomatous dermatitis. (Akinshemoyin Vaughn OL, Siegel DH, Chiu YE, DeBord LC, Hogeling M, Hunt RD, Nguyen C, Sokumbi O, Verbsky JW, Arkin LM) Pediatr Dermatol 2020 May;37(3):498-503 PMID: 32115758 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85081024767 03/03/2020    
  • Rubella Vaccine Persistence Within Cutaneous Granulomas in Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disorder. (Bender NR, Cardwell LA, Siegel D, Sokumbi O) Am J Dermatopathol 2020 Jun;42(6):455-457 PMID: 31899704 01/04/2020    
  • Targeted Inhibition of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor and Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Signaling Pathways in Olmsted Syndrome. (Zhang A, Duchatelet S, Lakdawala N, Tower RL, Diamond C, Marathe K, Hill I, Richard G, Diab Y, Kirkorian AY, Watanabe F, Siegel DH, Hovnanian A) JAMA Dermatol 2020 Feb 01;156(2):196-200 PMID: 31895414 PMCID: PMC6990762 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85077707138 01/03/2020       1 Citation
  • Evaluating the Safety of Oral Propranolol Therapy in Patients With PHACE Syndrome. (Olsen GM, Hansen LM, Stefanko NS, Mathes E, Puttgen KB, Tollefson MM, Lauren C, Mancini AJ, McCuaig CC, Frieden IJ, Adams D, Baselga E, Chamlin S, Gupta D, Frommelt P, Garzon MC, Horii K, Klajn J, Maheshwari M, Newell B, Nguyen HL, Nopper A, Powell J, Siegel DH, Drolet BA) JAMA Dermatol 2020 Feb 01;156(2):186-190 PMID: 31825455 PMCID: PMC6990697 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85076681242 12/12/2019       1 Citation
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  • Natural history of PHACE syndrome: A survey of adults with PHACE. (Stefanko NS, Cossio ML, Powell J, Blei F, Davies OMT, Frieden IJ, Garzon MC, Lauren CT, Maheshwari M, McCuaig CC, Metry D, Salman S, Drolet BA, Siegel DH) Pediatr Dermatol 2019 Sep;36(5):618-622 PMID: 31222913 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85067857866 06/22/2019    
  • Costello syndrome: Clinical phenotype, genotype, and management guidelines. (Gripp KW, Morse LA, Axelrad M, Chatfield KC, Chidekel A, Dobyns W, Doyle D, Kerr B, Lin AE, Schwartz DD, Sibbles BJ, Siegel D, Shankar SP, Stevenson DA, Thacker MM, Weaver KN, White SM, Rauen KA) Am J Med Genet A 2019 09;179(9):1725-1744 PMID: 31222966 06/22/2019       6 Citations
  • Dental root abnormalities in four children with PHACE syndrome. (Youssef MJ, Siegel DH, Chiu YE, Drolet BA, Hodgson BD) Pediatr Dermatol 2019 Jul;36(4):505-508 PMID: 30933385 PMCID: PMC6620126 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85063688224 04/02/2019       1 Citation
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  • Cherry Angiomas-Further Expanding the Phenotype With Somatic GNAQ and GNA11 Mutations. (Siegel DH) JAMA Dermatol 2019 02 01;155(2):148-149 PMID: 30601884 01/03/2019       1 Citation
  • PHACE syndrome: Infantile hemangiomas associated with multiple congenital anomalies: Clues to the cause. (Siegel DH) Am J Med Genet C Semin Med Genet 2018 12;178(4):407-413 PMID: 30580483 12/24/2018       3 Citations
  • Cutaneous findings in paediatric solid organ transplant recipients. (Coughlin CC, Siegel DH) Br J Dermatol 2018 12;179(6):1235-1236 PMID: 30508242 12/07/2018    
  • What do mosaic RASopathies tell us about carcinogenesis? (Siegel DH, Tower R, Drolet BA) Br J Dermatol 2018 11;179(5):1031-1032 PMID: 30387507 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85055889219 11/06/2018       1 Citation
  • Langerhans cell histiocytosis with prominent nail involvement. (Bender NR, Seline AE, Siegel DH, Sokumbi O) J Cutan Pathol 2019 Jan;46(1):1-5 PMID: 30187511 09/07/2018       2 Citations
  • Scarring in Patients With PIK3CA-Related Overgrowth Syndromes. (Steiner JE, Cottrell CE, Streicher JL, Jensen JN, King DM, Burrows PE, Siegel DH, Tollefson MM, Drolet BA, Püttgen KB) JAMA Dermatol 2018 04 01;154(4):452-455 PMID: 29516089 PMCID: PMC5876829 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85045202629 03/09/2018       1 Citation
  • Advancing paediatric psoriasis treatment options for children. (Tollefson M, Siegel D) Br J Dermatol 2017 12;177(6):1470-1471 PMID: 29313933 01/10/2018       2 Citations
  • Mosaic pathogenic HRAS variant in a patient with nevus spilus with agminated Spitz nevi and parametrial-uterine rhabdomyosarcoma. (Nemeth K, Szabo S, Cottrell CE, McNulty SM, Segura A, Sokumbi O, Browning M, Siegel DH) Br J Dermatol 2018 03;178(3):804-806 PMID: 29193020 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85042160260 12/02/2017       3 Citations
  • Analyzing the Genetic Spectrum of Vascular Anomalies with Overgrowth via Cancer Genomics. (Siegel DH, Cottrell CE, Streicher JL, Schilter KF, Basel DG, Baselga E, Burrows PE, Ciliberto HM, Vigh-Conrad KA, Eichenfield LF, Holland KE, Hogeling M, Jensen JN, Kelly ME, Kim W, King DM, McCuaig C, Mueller KA, Pope E, Powell J, Price H, Steiner JE, Frieden IJ, Tollefson MM, Drolet BA) J Invest Dermatol 2018 04;138(4):957-967 PMID: 29174369 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85044124722 11/28/2017       15 Citations
  • Structural malformations of the brain, eye, and pituitary gland in PHACE syndrome. (Steiner JE, McCoy GN, Hess CP, Dobyns WB, Metry DW, Drolet BA, Maheshwari M, Siegel DH) Am J Med Genet A 2018 01;176(1):48-55 PMID: 29171184 PMCID: PMC5844264 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85035013668 11/25/2017       6 Citations
  • Prenatal Risk Factors for PHACE Syndrome: A Study Using the PHACE Syndrome International Clinical Registry and Genetic Repository. (Wan J, Steiner J, Baselga E, Blei F, Cordisco M, Garzon MC, Goddard DS, Haggstrom A, Krol A, Frieden IJ, Metry D, Morel KD, Verhagen JMA, Wargon O, Drolet BA, Siegel DH) J Pediatr 2017 11;190:275-279 PMID: 28867065 PMCID: PMC5690843 09/05/2017       5 Citations
  • Efficacy and rebound rates in propranolol-treated subglottic hemangioma: A literature review. (Schwartz T, Faria J, Pawar S, Siegel D, Chun RH) Laryngoscope 2017 11;127(11):2665-2672 PMID: 28833230 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85031926149 08/24/2017       3 Citations
  • News and Notices. (Nast A, Siegel D, Bath-Hextall F, Bray N, Abuabara K) Br J Dermatol 2017 Jul;177(1):326-327 PMID: 28731253 07/22/2017    
  • RNF213 variants in a child with PHACE syndrome and moyamoya vasculopathy. (Schilter KF, Steiner JE, Demos W, Maheshwari M, Prokop JW, Worthey E, Drolet BA, Siegel DH) Am J Med Genet A 2017 Sep;173(9):2557-2561 PMID: 28686325 PMCID: PMC5815368 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85022035456 07/08/2017       5 Citations
  • PHACE syndrome and cerebral cavernous malformations: association or simply microhemorrhages? (Mamlouk MD, Maheshwari M, Burrows PE, Siegel DH, Frieden IJ, Drolet BA, Hess CP) Childs Nerv Syst 2017 09;33(9):1421-1422 PMID: 28623519 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85020516949 06/18/2017    
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