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Michele Ann Frommelt MD

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Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Pediatrics
Division: Cardiology

Publications (51)

  • Increases in oxygen saturation following discharge from Fontan palliation - an indicator of resolution of pulmonary arteriovenous malformations? (Van Galder H, Schaal AM, Feng M, Pan AY, Frommelt MA, Ginde S, Spearman AD) Cardiol Young 2021 Nov;31(11):1807-1813 PMID: 33691814 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85102391562 03/12/2021    
  • Pediatric Heart Network Echocardiographic Z Scores: Comparison with Other Published Models. (Lopez L, Frommelt PC, Colan SD, Trachtenberg FL, Gongwer R, Stylianou M, Bhat A, Burns KM, Cohen MS, Dragulescu A, Freud LR, Frommelt MA, Lytrivi ID, Mahgerefteh J, McCrindle BW, Pignatelli R, Prakash A, Sachdeva R, Soslow JH, Spurney C, Taylor CL, Thankavel PP, Thorsson T, Tretter JT, Young LT, LuAnn Minich L, Pediatric Heart Network Investigators) J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2021 02;34(2):185-192 PMID: 33189460 PMCID: PMC7870534 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85096147497 11/16/2020       4 Citations
  • Echocardiographic Identification of Pulmonary Artery Flow Reversal: An Indicator of Adverse Outcomes in Single Ventricle Physiology. (Spearman AD, Ginde S, Goot BH, Schaal AM, Feng M, Pan AY, Frommelt MA, Frommelt PC) Pediatr Cardiol 2020 Dec;41(8):1632-1638 PMID: 32710282 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85088376513 07/28/2020    
  • Novel KLHL26 variant associated with a familial case of Ebstein's anomaly and left ventricular noncompaction. (Samudrala SSK, North LM, Stamm KD, Earing MG, Frommelt MA, Willes R, Tripathi S, Dsouza NR, Zimmermann MT, Mahnke DK, Liang HL, Lund M, Lin CW, Geddes GC, Mitchell ME, Tomita-Mitchell A) Mol Genet Genomic Med 2020 04;8(4):e1152 PMID: 31985165 PMCID: PMC7196453 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85078673520 01/28/2020       2 Citations
  • Survival After Norwood Procedure in High-Risk Patients. (Tanem J, Rudd N, Rauscher J, Scott A, Frommelt MA, Hill GD) Ann Thorac Surg 2020 03;109(3):828-833 PMID: 31520639 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85077330663 09/15/2019       11 Citations
  • Challenges With Left Ventricular Functional Parameters: The Pediatric Heart Network Normal Echocardiogram Database. (Frommelt PC, Minich LL, Trachtenberg FL, Altmann K, Camarda J, Cohen MS, Colan SD, Dragulescu A, Frommelt MA, Johnson TR, Kovalchin JP, Lin L, Mahgerefteh J, Nutting A, Parra DA, Pearson GD, Pignatelli R, Sachdeva R, Soriano BD, Spurney C, Srivastava S, Statile CJ, Stelter J, Stylianou M, Thankavel PP, Tierney ES, van der Velde ME, Lopez L, Pediatric Heart Network Investigators) J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2019 10;32(10):1331-1338.e1 PMID: 31351792 PMCID: PMC6779514 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85069698907 07/29/2019       6 Citations
  • Surgical unroofing of intramural anomalous aortic origin of a coronary artery in pediatric patients: Single-center perspective. (Sachdeva S, Frommelt MA, Mitchell ME, Tweddell JS, Frommelt PC) J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2018 04;155(4):1760-1768 PMID: 29246546 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85037732553 12/17/2017       17 Citations
  • Authors' Reply. (Cramer JW, Kutty S, Patel SG, Frommelt MA, Frommelt PC) J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2018 01;31(1):114 PMID: 29174338 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85035073911 11/28/2017    
  • Relationship of Echocardiographic Z Scores Adjusted for Body Surface Area to Age, Sex, Race, and Ethnicity: The Pediatric Heart Network Normal Echocardiogram Database. (Lopez L, Colan S, Stylianou M, Granger S, Trachtenberg F, Frommelt P, Pearson G, Camarda J, Cnota J, Cohen M, Dragulescu A, Frommelt M, Garuba O, Johnson T, Lai W, Mahgerefteh J, Pignatelli R, Prakash A, Sachdeva R, Soriano B, Soslow J, Spurney C, Srivastava S, Taylor C, Thankavel P, van der Velde M, Minich L, Pediatric Heart Network Investigators*) Circ Cardiovasc Imaging 2017 Nov;10(11) PMID: 29138232 PMCID: PMC5812349 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85037674122 11/16/2017       93 Citations
  • Ventricular Fibrillation and Myocardial Depression Following Pulmonary Valve Replacement in Tetralogy of Fallot With an Intramural Coronary Artery and Coronary Artery Compression by Chest Tube. (Ahmed M, Thompson NE, Foerster SR, Frommelt MA, Mitchell ME, Scott JP) World J Pediatr Congenit Heart Surg 2020 Jul;11(4):NP77-NP79 PMID: 28933244 09/22/2017    
  • Transplacental treatment of fetal tachycardia: A systematic review and meta-analysis. (Hill GD, Kovach JR, Saudek DE, Singh AK, Wehrheim K, Frommelt MA) Prenat Diagn 2017 Nov;37(11):1076-1083 PMID: 28833310 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85034627676 08/24/2017       14 Citations
  • What surgical improvements are needed to prove that anatomic repair is superior to physiologic repair in the majority of patients with corrected transposition of the great arteries? (Hraska V, Mitchell ME, Woods RK, Frommelt MA) J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2017 09;154(3):1019-1022 PMID: 28666660 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85021842736 07/02/2017       5 Citations
  • Echocardiographic Diagnosis, Surgical Treatment, and Outcomes of Anomalous Left Coronary Artery from the Pulmonary Artery. (Patel SG, Frommelt MA, Frommelt PC, Kutty S, Cramer JW) J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2017 Sep;30(9):896-903 PMID: 28651802 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85021215083 06/28/2017       26 Citations
  • Expert consensus guidelines: Anomalous aortic origin of a coronary artery. (Brothers JA, Frommelt MA, Jaquiss RDB, Myerburg RJ, Fraser CD Jr, Tweddell JS) J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2017 06;153(6):1440-1457 PMID: 28274557 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85014182979 03/10/2017       98 Citations
  • Translating clinical trials into clinical practice: a survey assessing the potential impact of the Pediatric Heart Network Infant Single Ventricle Trial. (Zak V, Hsu DT, Pemberton VL, Levine JC, Atz AM, Cnota JF, Ravishankar C, Barker P, Lambert LM, McCrindle BW, Frommelt MA, Altmann K, Chen S, Williams RV, Pediatric Heart Network Investigators) Cardiol Young 2017 Sep;27(7):1265-1270 PMID: 28183375 PMCID: PMC5721352 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85012177516 02/12/2017       6 Citations
  • Associations Between Day of Admission and Day of Surgery on Outcome and Resource Utilization in Infants With Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Who Underwent Stage I Palliation (from the Single Ventricle Reconstruction Trial). (Johnson JT, Sleeper LA, Chen S, Ohye RG, Gaies MG, Williams IA, Sachdeva R, Pruetz JD, Tatum GH, Thacker D, Brunetti MA, Frommelt MA, Jacobs JP, Kirsh JA, Lambert LM, Newburger JW, Pemberton VL, Zyblewski SC, Divanovic AA, Pinto NM, Pediatric Heart Network Investigators) Am J Cardiol 2015 Oct 15;116(8):1263-9 PMID: 26303634 PMCID: PMC4589492 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84942543958 08/26/2015       4 Citations
  • International Fetal Cardiac Intervention Registry: A Worldwide Collaborative Description and Preliminary Outcomes. (Moon-Grady AJ, Morris SA, Belfort M, Chmait R, Dangel J, Devlieger R, Emery S, Frommelt M, Galindo A, Gelehrter S, Gembruch U, Grinenco S, Habli M, Herberg U, Jaeggi E, Kilby M, Kontopoulos E, Marantz P, Miller O, Otaño L, Pedra C, Pedra S, Pruetz J, Quintero R, Ryan G, Sharland G, Simpson J, Vlastos E, Tworetzky W, Wilkins-Haug L, Oepkes D, International Fetal Cardiac Intervention Registry) J Am Coll Cardiol 2015 Jul 28;66(4):388-99 PMID: 26205597 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84937688548 07/25/2015       79 Citations
  • Disparities in the prenatal detection of critical congenital heart disease. (Hill GD, Block JR, Tanem JB, Frommelt MA) Prenat Diagn 2015 Sep;35(9):859-63 PMID: 25989740 PMCID: PMC4558244 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84940791927 05/21/2015       40 Citations
  • Challenges and controversies in fetal diagnosis and treatment: hypoplastic left heart syndrome. (Frommelt MA) Clin Perinatol 2014 Dec;41(4):787-98 PMID: 25459774 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84910131901 12/03/2014       11 Citations
  • Use of a HeartWare ventricular assist device in a patient with failed Fontan circulation. (Niebler RA, Ghanayem NS, Shah TK, De La Rosa Bobke A, Zangwill S, Brosig C, Frommelt MA, Mitchell ME, Tweddell JS, Woods RK) Ann Thorac Surg 2014 Apr;97(4):e115-6 PMID: 24694452 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84897389074 04/04/2014       40 Citations
  • Improving interstage survival after Norwood operation: outcomes from 10 years of home monitoring. (Rudd NA, Frommelt MA, Tweddell JS, Hehir DA, Mussatto KA, Frontier KD, Slicker JA, Bartz PJ, Ghanayem NS) J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2014 Oct;148(4):1540-7 PMID: 24667026 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84908248844 03/29/2014       54 Citations
  • Effect of feeding modality on interstage growth after stage I palliation: a report from the National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative. (Hill GD, Hehir DA, Bartz PJ, Rudd NA, Frommelt MA, Slicker J, Tanem J, Frontier K, Xiang Q, Wang T, Tweddell JS, Ghanayem NS) J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2014 Oct;148(4):1534-9 PMID: 24607373 PMCID: PMC4126898 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84908237645 03/13/2014       34 Citations
  • Leftward displacement of septum primum in hypoplastic left heart syndrome. (Park MV, Fedderly RT, Frommelt PC, Frommelt MA, Pelech AN, Jaquiss RD, Mussatto K, Tweddell JS) Pediatr Cardiol 2013 Apr;34(4):942-7 PMID: 23179423 PMCID: PMC4567036 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84879506443 11/28/2012       9 Citations
  • Abnormal mitral valve anatomy in d-transposition of the great arteries: anatomic characterization and surgical outcomes. (Camarda JA, Harris SE, Hambrook J, Frommelt MA, Tweddell JS, Frommelt PC) Pediatr Cardiol 2013 Jan;34(1):70-4 PMID: 22660521 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84872608635 06/05/2012    
  • Normal interstage growth after the norwood operation associated with interstage home monitoring. (Hehir DA, Rudd N, Slicker J, Mussatto KA, Simpson P, Li SH, Frommelt MA, Tweddell JS, Ghanayem NS) Pediatr Cardiol 2012 Dec;33(8):1315-22 PMID: 22526219 PMCID: PMC4787622 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84878230786 04/25/2012       48 Citations
  • Ten-year experience with surgical unroofing of anomalous aortic origin of a coronary artery from the opposite sinus with an interarterial course. (Frommelt PC, Sheridan DC, Berger S, Frommelt MA, Tweddell JS) J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2011 Nov;142(5):1046-51 PMID: 21439578 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-80055009618 03/29/2011       83 Citations
  • Medium-term outcomes of Kawashima and completion Fontan palliation in single-ventricle heart disease with heterotaxy and interrupted inferior vena cava. (Kutty S, Frommelt MA, Danford DA, Tweddell JS) Ann Thorac Surg 2010 Nov;90(5):1609-13 PMID: 20971273 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-78049263463 10/26/2010       17 Citations
  • Unobstructive total anomalous pulmonary venous return: impact of early elective repair on the need for prolonged mechanical ventilatory support. (Frommelt PC, Sheridan DC, Deatsman S, Yan K, Simpson P, Frommelt MA, Litwin SB, Tweddell JS) Pediatr Cardiol 2010 Nov;31(8):1191-7 PMID: 20848277 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-78449277644 09/18/2010       11 Citations
  • Perioperative monitoring in high-risk infants after stage 1 palliation of univentricular congenital heart disease. (Ghanayem NS, Hoffman GM, Mussatto KA, Frommelt MA, Cava JR, Mitchell ME, Tweddell JS) J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2010 Oct;140(4):857-63 PMID: 20621312 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-77956885774 07/14/2010       59 Citations
  • Idiopathic infantile arterial calcification: a case report of prenatal and postnatal echocardiographic diagnosis. (Kutty S, Cava JR, Frommelt MA) Echocardiography 2009 Aug;26(7):862-4 PMID: 19490013 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-68749114353 06/06/2009       4 Citations
  • Correlation of echocardiographic markers and therapy in persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn. (Peterson AL, Deatsman S, Frommelt MA, Mussatto K, Frommelt PC) Pediatr Cardiol 2009 Feb;30(2):160-5 PMID: 18779989 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-59449091975 09/10/2008       22 Citations
  • Psychological distress in parents of children with severe congenital heart disease: the impact of prenatal versus postnatal diagnosis. (Brosig CL, Whitstone BN, Frommelt MA, Frisbee SJ, Leuthner SR) J Perinatol 2007 Nov;27(11):687-92 PMID: 17717519 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-35648958695 08/25/2007       83 Citations
  • Effect of shunt type on echocardiographic indices after initial palliations for hypoplastic left heart syndrome: Blalock-Taussig shunt versus right ventricle-pulmonary artery conduit. (Frommelt PC, Sheridan DC, Mussatto KA, Hoffman GM, Ghanayem NS, Frommelt MA, Tweddell JS) J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2007 Dec;20(12):1364-73 PMID: 17604955 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-36549019972 07/03/2007       41 Citations
  • Does fetal diagnosis make a difference? (Cohen MS, Frommelt MA) Clin Perinatol 2005 Dec;32(4):877-90, viii PMID: 16325667 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-28444473496 12/06/2005       13 Citations
  • Congenital coronary artery anomalies. (Frommelt PC, Frommelt MA) Pediatr Clin North Am 2004 Oct;51(5):1273-88 PMID: 15331284 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-4344629166 08/28/2004       50 Citations
  • Differential diagnosis and approach to a heart murmur in term infants. (Frommelt MA) Pediatr Clin North Am 2004 Aug;51(4):1023-32, x PMID: 15275986 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-3242699879 07/28/2004       25 Citations
  • Prospective echocardiographic diagnosis and surgical repair of anomalous origin of a coronary artery from the opposite sinus with an interarterial course. (Frommelt PC, Frommelt MA, Tweddell JS, Jaquiss RD) J Am Coll Cardiol 2003 Jul 02;42(1):148-54 PMID: 12849675 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-0037967304 07/10/2003       146 Citations
  • Diastolic dysfunction in an unusual case of cardiomyopathy in a child: insights from Doppler and Doppler tissue imaging analysis. (Frommelt PC, Pelech AN, Frommelt MA) J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2003 Feb;16(2):176-81 PMID: 12574745 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-0037293643 02/08/2003       10 Citations
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  • Detection of septal coronary collaterals by color flow Doppler mapping is a marker for anomalous origin of a coronary artery from the pulmonary artery. (Frommelt MA, Miller E, Williamson J, Bergstrom S) J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2002 Mar;15(3):259-63 PMID: 11875390 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-0036513994 03/05/2002       31 Citations
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  • Skeletal muscle changes in protein energy malnutrition. (Faridi MM, Ansari Z, Tyagi SP) J Trop Pediatr 1988 10;34(5):238-43 PMID: 3143839 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-0023692153 10/01/1988       6 Citations
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