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Venkateswara R. Gogineni PhD

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Radiology
Division: Research

Member of the Cancer Center

Publications (15)

  • Localized and triggered release of oxaliplatin for the treatment of colorectal liver metastasis. (Gogineni VR, Maddirela DR, Park W, Jagtap JM, Parchur AK, Sharma G, Ibrahim ES, Joshi A, Larson AC, Kim DH, White SB) J Cancer 2020;11(23):6982-6991 PMID: 33123288 PMCID: PMC7591990 10/31/2020    
  • Heritable modifiers of the tumor microenvironment influence nanoparticle uptake, distribution and response to photothermal therapy. (Sharma G, Jagtap JM, Parchur AK, Gogineni VR, Ran S, Bergom C, White SB, Flister MJ, Joshi A) Theranostics 2020;10(12):5368-5383 PMID: 32373218 PMCID: PMC7196309 05/07/2020       8 Citations
  • Remotely Triggered Nanotheranostics. 11/13/2018    
  • Early Immunologic Response of Irreversible Electroporation versus Cryoablation in a Rodent Model of Pancreatic Cancer. (White SB, Zhang Z, Chen J, Gogineni VR, Larson AC) J Vasc Interv Radiol 2018 12;29(12):1764-1769 PMID: 30316676 10/15/2018       17 Citations
  • Real time evaluation of tissue optical properties during thermal ablation of ex vivo liver tissues. (Nagarajan VK, Gogineni VR, White SB, Yu B) Int J Hyperthermia 2019 01 01;35(1):176-182 PMID: 30130988 08/23/2018       5 Citations
  • Vascular Interventional Radiology-Guided Photothermal Therapy of Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastasis with Theranostic Gold Nanorods. (Parchur AK, Sharma G, Jagtap JM, Gogineni VR, LaViolette PS, Flister MJ, White SB, Joshi A) ACS Nano 2018 07 24;12(7):6597-6611 PMID: 29969226 07/04/2018       58 Citations
  • Methods for detecting host genetic modifiers of tumor vascular function using dynamic near-infrared fluorescence imaging. (Jagtap J, Sharma G, Parchur AK, Gogineni V, Bergom C, White S, Flister MJ, Joshi A) Biomed Opt Express 2018 Feb 01;9(2):543-556 PMID: 29552392 PMCID: PMC5854057 03/20/2018    
  • Biofunctionalized Hybrid Magnetic Gold Nanoparticles as Catalysts for Photothermal Ablation of Colorectal Liver Metastases. (White SB, Kim DH, Guo Y, Li W, Yang Y, Chen J, Gogineni VR, Larson AC) Radiology 2017 12;285(3):809-819 PMID: 28707960 PMCID: PMC5708290 07/15/2017       15 Citations
  • Characterization of CC-531 as a Rat Model of Colorectal Liver Metastases. (White SB, Procissi D, Chen J, Gogineni VR, Tyler P, Yang Y, Omary RA, Larson AC) PLoS One 2016;11(5):e0155334 PMID: 27171151 PMCID: PMC4865145 05/14/2016       7 Citations
  • Nuclear translocation of Hand-1 acts as a molecular switch to regulate vascular radiosensitivity in medulloblastoma tumors: the protein uPAR is a cytoplasmic sequestration factor for Hand-1. (Asuthkar S, Gogineni VR, Rao JS, Velpula KK) Mol Cancer Ther 2014 May;13(5):1309-22 PMID: 24623737 03/14/2014       4 Citations
  • Irradiation-induced angiogenesis is associated with an MMP-9-miR-494-syndecan-1 regulatory loop in medulloblastoma cells. (Asuthkar S, Velpula KK, Nalla AK, Gogineni VR, Gondi CS, Rao JS) Oncogene 2014 Apr 10;33(15):1922-33 PMID: 23728345 06/04/2013       42 Citations
  • Fed-batch cultivation of Escherichia coli expressed designer hepatitis C virus diagnostic intermediate and its evaluation. (Gurramkonda C, Talha SM, Gudi SK, Gogineni VR, Surya Sambasiva Rao KR) Biotechnol Appl Biochem 2012 Nov-Dec;59(6):437-44 PMID: 23586952 04/17/2013       3 Citations
  • Radiation-induced hypomethylation triggers urokinase plasminogen activator transcription in meningioma cells. (Velpula KK, Gogineni VR, Nalla AK, Dinh DH, Rao JS) Neoplasia 2013 Feb;15(2):192-203 PMID: 23441133 PMCID: PMC3579321 02/27/2013    
  • uPAR and cathepsin B shRNA impedes TGF-β1-driven proliferation and invasion of meningioma cells in a XIAP-dependent pathway. (Gogineni VR, Gupta R, Nalla AK, Velpula KK, Rao JS) Cell Death Dis 2012 Dec 06;3:e439 PMID: 23222509 PMCID: PMC3542612 12/12/2012       25 Citations
  • The secreted protein acidic and rich in cysteine (SPARC) induces endoplasmic reticulum stress leading to autophagy-mediated apoptosis in neuroblastoma. (Sailaja GS, Bhoopathi P, Gorantla B, Chetty C, Gogineni VR, Velpula KK, Gondi CS, Rao JS) Int J Oncol 2013 Jan;42(1):188-96 PMID: 23123816 PMCID: PMC3538858 11/06/2012       19 Citations
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