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Faculty in the Neuroscience Research Center

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Director NamePositionDepartment
Cecilia J. Hillard PhD profile photo pictureHillard, Cecilia J. PhDAssociate Dean, Center Director, ProfessorPharmacology and Toxicology


Member NamePositionDepartment
Mohit Agarwal MD profile photo pictureAgarwal, Mohit MDAssistant ProfessorRadiology
Piero G. Antuono MD profile photo pictureAntuono, Piero G. MDProfessorNeurology
Jennifer A N Apps PhD profile photo pictureApps, Jennifer A N PhDAssistant Provost, Associate ProfessorPsychiatry
Tom P. Aufderheide MD profile photo pictureAufderheide, Tom P. MDProfessorEmergency Medicine
Xiaowen Bai PhD profile photo pictureBai, Xiaowen PhDAssociate ProfessorCell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy
Banani Banerjee PhD profile photo pictureBanerjee, Banani PhDAssociate ProfessorMedicine
Michele A. Battle PhD profile photo pictureBattle, Michele A. PhDAssociate ProfessorCell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy
Binder, Jeffrey R. MDProfessorNeurology
Blindauer, Karen A. MDChief, ProfessorNeurology
Alan S. Bloom PhD profile photo pictureBloom, Alan S. PhDProfessorPharmacology and Toxicology
Julie A. Bobholz PhD profile photo pictureBobholz, Julie A. PhDAdjunct ProfessorNeurology
Diane S. Book MD profile photo pictureBook, Diane S. MDAssociate ProfessorNeurology
Zeljko J. Bosnjak PhD profile photo pictureBosnjak, Zeljko J. PhDProfessorMedicine
Amanda Brandow DO profile photo pictureBrandow, Amanda DOProfessorPediatrics
Braza, Diane W. MDChair, ProfessorPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Staley A. Brod MD profile photo pictureBrod, Staley A. MDProfessorNeurology
Matthew Budde PhD profile photo pictureBudde, Matthew PhDAssociate ProfessorNeurosurgery
Kristen L. Bunnell PharmD profile photo pictureBunnell, Kristen L. PharmDAssistant ProfessorSchool of Pharmacy Administration
Alissa Butts PhD profile photo pictureButts, Alissa PhDAssistant ProfessorNeurology
William B. Campbell PhD profile photo pictureCampbell, William B. PhDProfessorPharmacology and Toxicology
Chad Carlson MD profile photo pictureCarlson, Chad MDProfessorNeurology
Karen-Sue B. Carlson MD, PhD profile photo pictureCarlson, Karen-Sue B. MD, PhDAssociate ProfessorMedicine
Joseph J. Carroll PhD profile photo pictureCarroll, Joseph J. PhDDirector, ProfessorOphthalmology and Visual Sciences
Chelimsky, Gisela Grotewold MDProfessorPediatrics
Chelimsky, Thomas C. MDProfessorNeurology
Susan Cohen MD profile photo pictureCohen, Susan MDAssociate ProfessorPediatrics
Lisa L. Conant PhD profile photo pictureConant, Lisa L. PhDAssociate ProfessorNeurology
Corbett, John A. PhDChair, ProfessorBiochemistry
Cullinan, William E. PhDAdjunct Associate ProfessorNeurosurgery
Cusick, Joseph F. MDStaff PhysicianNeurosurgery
DeYoe, Edgar A. PhDAdjunct ProfessorRadiology
Dean-Bernhoft, Caron PhDProfessorAnesthesiology
Bonnie Dittel PhD profile photo pictureDittel, Bonnie PhDProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Matt Durand PhD profile photo pictureDurand, Matt PhDAssociate ProfessorPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Ebert, Allison D. PhDAssociate ProfessorCell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy
Engelmann, Jeffrey M. PhDAssistant ProfessorPsychiatry
Leonardo Fernandino PhD profile photo pictureFernandino, Leonardo PhDAssistant ProfessorNeurology
Forster, Hubert V. PhDProfessorPhysiology
Andrew Foy MD profile photo pictureFoy, Andrew MDAssociate ProfessorNeurosurgery
Frick, Karyn BA,MA,PhD ProfessorPsychology
David R. Friedland MD profile photo pictureFriedland, David R. MDChief, ProfessorOtolaryngology
Paul Gasser BS,MS,PhD profile photo pictureGasser, Paul BS,MS,PhDAssistant ProfessorBiomedical Sciences
Gerges, Nashaat PhDChair, ProfessorSchool of Pharmacy Administration
Ghasemzadeh, M. Behnam PhDAssociate ProfessorBiomedical Sciences
Joseph S. Goveas MD profile photo pictureGoveas, Joseph S. MDProfessorPsychiatry
Adam S. Greenberg PhD profile photo pictureGreenberg, Adam S. PhDAssistant ProfessorBiomedical Engineering
Justin L. Grobe PhD profile photo pictureGrobe, Justin L. PhDAssociate ProfessorPhysiology
William Gross MD, PhD profile photo pictureGross, William MD, PhDAssistant ProfessorAnesthesiology
Keri Hainsworth PhD profile photo pictureHainsworth, Keri PhDAssociate ProfessorAnesthesiology
Stephen W. Hargarten MD, MPH profile photo pictureHargarten, Stephen W. MD, MPHAssociate Dean, Director, ProfessorEmergency Medicine
Matthew Harmelink MD profile photo pictureHarmelink, Matthew MDChief, Associate ProfessorNeurology
Harsch, Harold H. MDProfessorPsychiatry
Amy Heffelfinger PhD profile photo pictureHeffelfinger, Amy PhDProfessorNeurology
Robert S. Hellman MD profile photo pictureHellman, Robert S. MDProfessorRadiology
Fred Helmstetter PhD profile photo pictureHelmstetter, Fred PhDProfessorPsychology / Neuroscience
Cecilia J. Hillard PhD profile photo pictureHillard, Cecilia J. PhDAssociate Dean, Center Director, ProfessorPharmacology and Toxicology
Gwendolyn M B Hoben MD profile photo pictureHoben, Gwendolyn M B MDAssistant ProfessorPlastic Surgery
Matthew R. Hodges PhD profile photo pictureHodges, Matthew R. PhDAssociate ProfessorPhysiology
Quinn H. Hogan MD profile photo pictureHogan, Quinn H. MDVice Chair, ProfessorAnesthesiology
Julie K. Janecek PhD profile photo pictureJanecek, Julie K. PhDAssistant ProfessorNeurology
Balaraman Kalyanaraman PhD profile photo pictureKalyanaraman, Balaraman PhDChair, ProfessorBiophysics
Bruce A. Kaufman MD profile photo pictureKaufman, Bruce A. MDProfessorNeurosurgery
Kim, Irene MDAssistant ProfessorNeurosurgery
Jennifer M. Knight MD profile photo pictureKnight, Jennifer M. MDAssociate ProfessorPsychiatry
Jennifer I. Koop Olsta PhD profile photo pictureKoop Olsta, Jennifer I. PhDProfessorNeurology
Antje Kroner-Milsch MD, PhD profile photo pictureKroner-Milsch, Antje MD, PhDAssistant ProfessorNeurosurgery
Suresh Kumar PhD profile photo pictureKumar, Suresh PhDAssociate ProfessorPathology
Shekar N. Kurpad MD, PhD profile photo pictureKurpad, Shekar N. MD, PhDChair, ProfessorNeurosurgery
Ivan M. Lang DVM, PhD profile photo pictureLang, Ivan M. DVM, PhDAdjunct ProfessorMedicine
Sadie E. Larsen PhD profile photo pictureLarsen, Sadie E. PhDAssociate ProfessorPsychiatry
Christine Larson PhD profile photo pictureLarson, Christine PhDAssociate ProfessorPsychology
Michael W. Lawlor MD, PhD profile photo pictureLawlor, Michael W. MD, PhDProfessorPathology
Sang H. Lee PhD profile photo pictureLee, Sang H. PhDProfessorPharmacology and Toxicology
Jon A. Lehrmann MD profile photo pictureLehrmann, Jon A. MDChair, ProfessorPsychiatry
Sean Lew MD profile photo pictureLew, Sean MDChief, ProfessorNeurosurgery
Shi-Jiang Li PhD profile photo pictureLi, Shi-Jiang PhDProfessorBiophysics
Brian A. Link PhD profile photo pictureLink, Brian A. PhDProfessorCell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy
Krista Lisdahl PhD profile photo pictureLisdahl, Krista PhDAssistant ProfessorPsychology
Liu, Qing-song PhDProfessorPharmacology and Toxicology
Michelle Loman Moudry PhD profile photo pictureLoman Moudry, Michelle PhDAssistant ProfessorNeurology
Lou, Xuelin PhDAssociate ProfessorCell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy
Dennis J. Maiman MD, PhD profile photo pictureMaiman, Dennis J. MD, PhDProfessorNeurosurgery
John Mantsch PhD profile photo pictureMantsch, John PhDChair, ProfessorPharmacology and Toxicology
John McCorvy PhD profile photo pictureMcCorvy, John PhDAssistant ProfessorCell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy
Michael McCrea PhD profile photo pictureMcCrea, Michael PhDProfessorNeurosurgery
Meier, Timothy B. PhDAssociate ProfessorNeurosurgery
Miranda, Adrian MDAdjunct ProfessorPediatrics
Gary C. Mouradian PhD profile photo pictureMouradian, Gary C. PhDInstructorPhysiology
Wade M. Mueller MD profile photo pictureMueller, Wade M. MDProfessorNeurosurgery
Lutfi Tugan Muftuler PhD profile photo pictureMuftuler, Lutfi Tugan PhDAssociate ProfessorNeurosurgery
Nelson, Lindsay D. PhDAssociate ProfessorNeurosurgery
Ahmed Zayed Obeidat MD, PhD profile photo pictureObeidat, Ahmed Zayed MD, PhDAssistant ProfessorNeurology
Christopher M. Olsen PhD profile photo pictureOlsen, Christopher M. PhDAssociate ProfessorPharmacology and Toxicology
Peter A. Pahapill MD, PhD profile photo picturePahapill, Peter A. MD, PhDAssociate ProfessorNeurosurgery
Bin Pan MD profile photo picturePan, Bin MDAssociate ProfessorAnesthesiology
Patterson, Kathleen M. PhDAssociate ProfessorPsychiatry
Christopher Pawela PhD profile photo picturePawela, Christopher PhDAssociate ProfessorBiomedical Engineering
Pillay, Sara B. PhDAssistant ProfessorNeurology
Frank A. Pintar PhD profile photo picturePintar, Frank A. PhDChair, ProfessorBiomedical Engineering
Porcelli, Anthony BA,MA,PhDAssistant ProfessorPsychology
Jenessa Price PhD profile photo picturePrice, Jenessa PhDAssistant ProfessorSurgery
Kirkwood A. Pritchard PhD profile photo picturePritchard, Kirkwood A. PhDProfessorSurgery
Hershel Raff PhD profile photo pictureRaff, Hershel PhDProfessorMedicine
Manoj Raghavan MD, PhD profile photo pictureRaghavan, Manoj MD, PhDProfessorNeurology
Kevin Richard Rarick PhD profile photo pictureRarick, Kevin Richard PhDAssistant ProfessorPediatrics
Rhee, John S. MDChair, ProfessorOtolaryngology
Christina Runge PhD profile photo pictureRunge, Christina PhDAssociate Provost, Chief, ProfessorOtolaryngology
Kajana Satkunendrarajah PhD profile photo pictureSatkunendrarajah, Kajana PhDAssistant ProfessorNeurosurgery
Kathleen M. Schmainda PhD profile photo pictureSchmainda, Kathleen M. PhDProfessorBiophysics
Brian Schmit PhD profile photo pictureSchmit, Brian PhDProfessorBiomedical Engineering
Christopher J. Schultz MD profile photo pictureSchultz, Christopher J. MDChair, ProfessorRadiation Oncology
Jyoti N. Sengupta PhD profile photo pictureSengupta, Jyoti N. PhDProfessorMedicine
Priyanka P. Shah PhD profile photo pictureShah, Priyanka P. PhDAssistant ProfessorNeurology
Lynn Sheets MD profile photo pictureSheets, Lynn MDChief, ProfessorPediatrics
Curt Sigmund PhD profile photo pictureSigmund, Curt PhDChair, ProfessorPhysiology
Pippa M. Simpson PhD profile photo pictureSimpson, Pippa M. PhDChief, ProfessorPediatrics
Grant P. Sinson MD profile photo pictureSinson, Grant P. MDAssociate ProfessorNeurosurgery
Andrey Sorokin PhD profile photo pictureSorokin, Andrey PhDProfessorMedicine
Ryan Spellecy PhD profile photo pictureSpellecy, Ryan PhDAssistant Provost, Director, ProfessorInstitute for Health and Equity
Brian Stemper PhD profile photo pictureStemper, Brian PhDProfessorBiomedical Engineering
Stucke, Astrid G. MDProfessorAnesthesiology
Cheryl L. Stucky PhD profile photo pictureStucky, Cheryl L. PhDProfessorCell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy
Sara J. Swanson PhD profile photo pictureSwanson, Sara J. PhDChief, ProfessorNeurology
Ryuma Tanaka MD profile photo pictureTanaka, Ryuma MDAssistant ProfessorPediatrics
Ru-Jeng Teng MD profile photo pictureTeng, Ru-Jeng MDAssociate ProfessorPediatrics
Danny G. Thomas MD, MPH profile photo pictureThomas, Danny G. MD, MPHAssociate ProfessorPediatrics
Colleen Trevino PhD profile photo pictureTrevino, Colleen PhDAssistant ProfessorSurgery
Sally S. Twining PhD profile photo pictureTwining, Sally S. PhDAssistant Dean, ProfessorBiochemistry
Laura Umfleet PsyD profile photo pictureUmfleet, Laura PsyDAssociate ProfessorNeurology
Matthew B. Veldman PhD profile photo pictureVeldman, Matthew B. PhDAssistant ProfessorCell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy
Steven J. Weisman MD profile photo pictureWeisman, Steven J. MDProfessorAnesthesiology
Harry T. Whelan MD profile photo pictureWhelan, Harry T. MDProfessorNeurology
White, Christopher L. MDAssistant ProfessorPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Yoganandan, Narayan PhDProfessorNeurosurgery
Vahab Youssofzadeh PhD profile photo pictureYoussofzadeh, Vahab PhDAssistant ProfessorNeurology
Hongwei Yu MD profile photo pictureYu, Hongwei MDProfessorAnesthesiology
Terri A. deRoon Cassini PhD profile photo picturedeRoon Cassini, Terri A. PhDCenter Director, Associate ProfessorSurgery