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Yasser Khaled BDS, MDSc, MMSc
Assistant Professor
Department of School of Dentistry


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5 - Present 5
"Clicks, Cracks and Pops" Family Health Journal, Summer 2013.
"Immunohistochemical expression of VEGF in oral SCC", Master Thesis, June 2009.
"Intraoral Pain Disorders" chapter, Oral and maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America, August 2016.
"Introduction to Oral manifestations of systemic diseases" chapter, Oral and maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America, September 2017.
"Mandibular tori and sleep bruxism: Is there a relationship?"
"Mandibular tori and sleep bruxism: Is there a relationship?" EC Dental Science Journal, April 2016.
"Oral-Systemic Link", EC Dental Science Journal, November 2017.
"Outcomes after physical therapy for the treatment of temporomandibular disorders"
"Outcomes after physical therapy for the treatment of temporomandibular disorders"
"Outcomes after physical therapy for the treatment of temporomandibular disorders" OOOO Journal, Volume124, Issue 3, September 2017.
"Radiographic assessment of external root resorption associated with jackscrew-based maxillary expan, December 2013.
"Using physical therapy to treat temporomandibular disorders. A cohort study"
"Using physical therapy to treat temporomandibular disorders. A cohort study." Full article publishe, Oral and Maxillofacial Research, June 25th, 2018.
American Academy of Oral Medicine
American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
American Dental Association
American University in Cairo, Teaching English Certificate 2009
Assistant Professor, Marquette University, School of Dentistry, GDS Department 2017- present
Awarded "Student of the Year" with scholarship to Germany 1999
Bachelor of Dental Medicine and Surgery, Ain Shams University, Egypt 2001
Business Edge Certificate, University of Toronto, Canada 2012
Certified French Courses, France Embassy, Egypt 2005
Chief Resident, Oral Medicine Program, Carolinas Medical Center, USA 2015-2017
Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI)
Dental Officer, Golden Care Dental Services, Canada 2010-2012
Dental Officer, Hospital University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia 2008-2010
Dental Officer, Military Service, Ministry of Defense, Egypt 2002-200
Editor in Chief, Ain Shams University, Faculty of Dentistry journal 2001
Egyptian Dental Union
GPR Residency, Carolinas Medical Center, USA 2015
General Dentist, Private Practice, Egypt 2001-2008
Golden Key International Honor Society
Greater Milwaukee Dental Association
IELTS Academic course 2005
Internship, Ain Shams University, Faculty of Dentistry 2001-2002
Master of Dental Science, Oral Pathology, Ain Shams University, Egypt 2009
Milwaukee Dental Society
Oral Medicine Residency, Carolinas Medical Center, USA 2017
Oral Pathology Teaching Assistant, Ain Shams University, Faculty of Dentistry 2004-2008
Oral Presentation in American Academy of Oral Medicine conference, Florida, USA, April 2017.
Oral presentation in Global Conference on Dental and Oral Health, Dubai, UAE, August 2016.
Oral presentation in the Global Dental Forum, Dubai, UAE, April 2018.
Participated in Dental caravans to provide dental care to the needy people, Malaysia.
Participated in Oral Cancer Screening at Village at Manor Park, WI, USA.
Participated in dental screening of the high school students in Charlotte, NC, USA.
Participated in medical and dental caravans in different villages, Egypt.
Poster presentation in American Academy of Orofacial Pain Conference, Florida, USA, April 2016.
President of the Egyptian Student Association in Alberta 2012
Professional Diploma in Computer Sciences, YAT Institute, Egypt 2006
Resident, GPR Program, Carolinas Medical Center, USA 2014-2015
Resident, TMD/Orofacial Pain Program, University of Alberta, School of Dentistry 2012-2014
Rotations in:
Rotations in:
Section Editor, European Journal of Dentistry 2017-present
TMD/Orofacial Pain Residency, University of Alberta, Canada 2014
Tennis Clinic Certificate, Malaysia 2008
Travel and Tourism Diploma, IBT College, Canada 2012
University of Alberta Alumni Association
University of Alberta Graduate Students' Association
Voluntary teaching of dental care to the elementary school students in AB, Canada.
Wisconsin Dental Association
• Advocated on behalf of clients for additional service and resources as needed.
• American Heart Association Basic and Advanced life support license current
• American National Dental Board 2007
• Anesthesia
• Awarded the FY18 Faculty Development Award by Marquette University 2018
• British Columbia Society of prosthodontics Entrance Award in Prosthodontics 2014
• Canadian Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge Exam
• Canadian Dental Research Student Workshop representative 2012
• Cardiology
• Certification by the International Education Research Foundation 2013
• Clinical and microscopic pathological diagnoses.
• Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) certification 2014
• College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia Registration 2014
• Communicated effectively within interdisciplinary health care teams.
• Conducted oral disease research.
• Conducting research projects related to diagnostic sciences.
• Counseling on pain management, self-measures, and coping strategies
• DEGD7330-TMD
• DEIN 7130-Oral Medicine and Diagnosis 1
• DEIN 7210-Oral Medicine and Diagnosis 2
• Deliver a final set of copy for each issue according to previously set deadlines, satisfactory in content and form and ready for publication on the journal's website. • Set the scope and tone of the journal both textually and visually. • Collaborate with the Journal Advisory Bo, to solicit content for the journal and to facilitate the refereeing process. • Collaborate with the Advisory Board to encourage the submission of high-quality content according to current issues and, Journal of Dental Science 2018
• Dent 6001-Dysfunctional jaw
• Dermatology
• Develop and manage protocols and procedures for comprehensive patient examinations.
• Diagnostic and therapeutic injections for soft tissue lesions or facial pain conditions
• Direct clinical supervision and evaluating the student's competence.
• Directing multidisciplinary courses which includes:
• Egyptian Dental License current
• Emergency Medicine
• Engaged in community service.
• Ensured that oral hygiene care was provided according to nursing home policies.
• Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans Course 2013
• Faculty and Leadership Development Project, Ain Shams University 2006
• Geriatrics/Carolinas Mobile Dentistry
• Glasgow Dental Hospital Clinical Observership 2017
• Graduate Ethic Training Course 2013
• Healing Arts Radiation Protection (HARP) certified 2010
• Hematology/Oncology
• Infectious Disease
• Internal Medicine
• Internal Medicine
• International hospitals
• Maintained confidential client files and prepared reports as required.
• Malaysian Dental License 2008-2010
• McGill University Research training course 2010
• Member, Internationally trained professionals, Alberta, Canada 2012
• Myofascial pain and trigger point injections
• Nephrology
• Neurology
• Nobel Biocare Canada Certificate 2014
• Ontario Simulation Training Center Course 2012
• Oral Medicine
• Oral Pathology/Oral Radiology/ (UNC)
• Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
• Oral appliance fabrication (TMD, obstructive sleep apnea)
• Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery
• Participate in research and publications
• Participated in a weekly didactics session of case discussion and lectures.
• Participating in Dental rounds.
• Participation in the patient screening process for the School of Dentistry.
• Perform soft and hard tissue biopsies
• Performed surgery for regeneration of deficient bone and gingival tissues.
• Pharmacologic management (oral and topical medications)
• Physical Therapy
• Poster Evaluator in the Global Conference on Dental and Oral Health, Dubai 2016
• Provided comprehensive dental care in the operating room setting.
• Provided comprehensive oral health care for a wide variety of patients including special needs p
• Provided dental consultations for inpatients.
• Provided emergency treatment for facial injuries including lacerations and fractured facial bone
• Provided on-call emergency dental care for patients in the Emergency Department.
• Provided on-site dental care to a variety of nursing home residents.
• Provided oral hygiene education to individuals, families and support systems.
• Providing Oral Medicine and TMD/Orofacial Pain consultations in the pre-doctoral and post-doctor
• Psychiatry
• Removed tumors and other abnormal growths of the orofacial regions.
• Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Fellowship Eligibility 2017
• Scientific Committee member, Global Summit on Oral and Dental Health, Dubai 2018
• Senator, Marquette University Academic Senate 2018
• Sjögren's Syndrome testing (salivary flow rate, Schirmer's test, minor salivary gland biopsies)
• Splint appliance therapy
• Supervise residents and students
• Supervised undergraduate and post graduate students
• Surgically removed impacted and non-restorable teeth.
• Temporomandibular joint steroid injections
• Transported health care equipment and residents to each on-site facility.
• Travel grant from the Golden Key International Honor Society to Australia 2018
• University Lecturer Preparation course, Ain Shams University 2006
• University of British Columbia Prosthodontics course 2014
• Utilized the values of professional ethics, lifelong learning, patient centered care, adaptability
• Wisconsin Dental License current

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