Medical College of Wisconsin
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Adrienne Klement MD

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Medicine
Division: Hematology and Oncology - Medicine
Program: Palliative Care

Publications (7)

  • Root uptake of atenolol, sulfamethoxazole and carbamazepine, and their transformation in three soils and four plants. (Kodešová R, Klement A, Golovko O, Fér M, Nikodem A, Kočárek M, Grabic R) Environ Sci Pollut Res Int 2019 Apr;26(10):9876-9891 PMID: 30734257 02/09/2019       2 Citations
  • Patient Satisfaction as a Moderator of Risky Alcohol Consumers' Attitude Towards Screening and Brief Intervention: A Cross Sectional Survey. (Fankhaenel T, Samos F, Luck-Sikorski C, Thiel C, Klement A, Frese T) Alcohol Alcohol 2018 Jul 01;53(4):403-407 PMID: 29378028 01/30/2018    
  • A Successful Debrief Program for House Staff. (Leff V, Klement A, Galanos A) J Soc Work End Life Palliat Care 2017 Apr-Sep;13(2-3):87-90 PMID: 28426397 04/21/2017       3 Citations
  • Meta-regression analyses to explain statistical heterogeneity in a systematic review of strategies for guideline implementation in primary health care. (Unverzagt S, Peinemann F, Oemler M, Braun K, Klement A) PLoS One 2014;9(10):e110619 PMID: 25343450 PMCID: PMC4208765 10/25/2014       3 Citations
  • [What should a surgeon know about family medicine?]. (Lichte T, Meyer F, Junge G, Klement A) Zentralbl Chir 2015 Feb;140(1):47-51 PMID: 24327487 12/12/2013    
  • [What Should (Future) GPs Learn in Surgery?]. (Klement A, Junge G, Meyer F, Lichte T) Zentralbl Chir 2016 Jun;141(3):285-9 PMID: 23907843 08/03/2013       1 Citation
  • Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection versus intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a step toward a clinical algorithm. (Klement AH, Koren-Morag N, Itsykson P, Berkovitz A) Fertil Steril 2013 Apr;99(5):1290-3 PMID: 23357455 01/30/2013       18 Citations
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