Medical College of Wisconsin
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Anne E. Argenta MD

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Plastic Surgery
Program: Adult


  • Obstetrical brachial plexus palsy: Can excision of upper trunk neuroma and nerve grafting improve function in babies with adequate elbow flexion at nine months of age? (Argenta AE, Brooker J, MacIssac Z, Natali M, Greene S, Stanger M, Grunwaldt L) J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg 2016 May;69(5):629-33 PMID: 26806089 01/26/2016       1 Citations
  • A review of eight unusual pediatric skin and soft-tissue lesions: Diagnosis, workup, and treatment. (Argenta AE, Chen W, Davis A, Losee JE, Davit A, Grunwaldt L) J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg 2015 Dec;68(12):1637-46 PMID: 26235509 08/04/2015       2 Citations
  • Improving speech outcomes after failed palate repair: evaluating the safety and efficacy of conversion Furlow palatoplasty. (Nayar HS, Cray JJ, MacIsaac ZM, Argenta AE, Ford MD, Fenton RA, Losee JE, Grunwaldt LJ) J Craniofac Surg 2014 Mar;25(2):343-7 PMID: 24621692 03/14/2014    
  • Efficacy of passive helmet therapy for deformational plagiocephaly: report of 1050 cases. (Couture DE, Crantford JC, Somasundaram A, Sanger C, Argenta AE, David LR) Neurosurg Focus 2013 Oct;35(4):E4 PMID: 24079783 10/02/2013       11 Citations
  • Maintenance of inhibitory interneurons and boutons in sensorimotor cortex between middle and old age in Fischer 344 X Brown Norway rats. (Shi L, Pang H, Linville MC, Bartley AN, Argenta AE, Brunso-Bechtold JK) J Chem Neuroanat 2006 Aug;32(1):46-53 PMID: 16720092 05/25/2006       10 Citations
  • Vacuum-assisted closure for the treatment of complex breast wounds. (Stoeckel WT, David L, Levine EA, Argenta AE, Perrier ND) Breast 2006 Oct;15(5):610-3 PMID: 16443363 01/31/2006       13 Citations
  • Stereological quantification of GAD-67-immunoreactive neurons and boutons in the hippocampus of middle-aged and old Fischer 344 x Brown Norway rats. (Shi L, Argenta AE, Winseck AK, Brunso-Bechtold JK) J Comp Neurol 2004 Oct 18;478(3):282-91 PMID: 15368530 09/16/2004       42 Citations
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