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Cheong Jun Lee MD

Cheong Jun Lee MD

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Surgery
Division: Vascular Surgery


  • The effect of Surgical Care Improvement Project measures on national trends on surgical site infections in open vascular procedures. (Dua A, Desai SS, Seabrook GR, Brown KR, Lewis BD, Rossi PJ, Edmiston CE, Lee CJ) J Vasc Surg 2014 Dec;60(6):1635-9 PMID 25454105
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  • Risk of malignancy in resected cystic tumors of the pancreas < or =3 cm in size: is it safe to observe asymptomatic patients? A multi-institutional report. (Lee CJ, Scheiman J, Anderson MA, Hines OJ, Reber HA, Farrell J, Kochman ML, Foley PJ, Drebin J, Oh YS, Ginsberg G, Ahmad N, Merchant NB, Isbell J, Parikh AA, Stokes JB, Bauer T, Adams RB, Simeone DM) J Gastrointest Surg 2008 Feb;12(2):234-42 PMID 18040749
  • Last update: 05/28/2015