Medical College of Wisconsin
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Eric J. Walbergh MD

Eric J. Walbergh MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Anesthesiology
Division: Clinical
Program: Pediatrics

Publications (3)

  • Plasma concentrations of midazolam in children following intranasal administration. (Walbergh EJ, Wills RJ, Eckhert J) Anesthesiology 1991 Feb;74(2):233-5 PMID: 1990898 02/01/1991       111 Citations
  • Complications during spinal anesthesia in infants: high spinal blockade. (Wright TE, Orr RJ, Haberkern CM, Walbergh EJ) Anesthesiology 1990 Dec;73(6):1290-2 PMID: 2104528 12/01/1990       47 Citations
  • Revaccination of previous recipients of killed measles vaccine: clinical and immunologic studies. (Krause PJ, Cherry JD, Naiditch MJ, Deseda-Tous J, Walbergh EJ) J Pediatr 1978 Oct;93(4):565-71 PMID: 702235 10/01/1978       23 Citations
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