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Eric Paulson PhD

Eric Paulson PhD

Associate Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Radiation Oncology
Program: Physics

Member of the Cancer Center


  • Simultaneous motion monitoring and truth-in-delivery analysis imaging framework for MR-guided radiotherapy. (Mickevicius NJ, Chen X, Boyd Z, Lee HJ, Ibbott GS, Paulson ES) Phys Med Biol 2018 Nov 26;63(23):235014 PMID: 30474614 11/27/2018    
  • Nuts and bolts of 4D-MRI for radiotherapy. (Stemkens B, Paulson ES, Tijssen RHN) Phys Med Biol 2018 Oct 23;63(21):21TR01 PMID: 30272573 10/03/2018       2 Citations
  • Simultaneous orthogonal plane cine imaging with balanced steady-state free-precession contrast using k-t GRAPPA. (Mickevicius NJ, Paulson ES) Phys Med Biol 2018 Jul 24;63(15):15NT02 PMID: 29956676 06/30/2018    
  • Pancreatic gross tumor volume contouring on computed tomography (CT) compared with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): Results of an international contouring conference. (Hall WA, Heerkens HD, Paulson ES, Meijer GJ, Kotte AN, Knechtges P, Parikh PJ, Bassetti MF, Lee P, Aitken KL, Palta M, Myrehaug S, Koay EJ, Portelance L, Ben-Josef E, Erickson BA) Pract Radiat Oncol 2018 Mar - Apr;8(2):107-115 PMID: 29426692 02/11/2018       2 Citations
  • Adaptive radiation dose escalation in rectal adenocarcinoma: a review. (Van Wickle JD, Paulson ES, Landry JC, Erickson BA, Hall WA) J Gastrointest Oncol 2017 Oct;8(5):902-914 PMID: 29184696 PMCID: PMC5674246 12/01/2017    
  • Spiral Perfusion Imaging With Consecutive Echoes (SPICEā„¢) for the Simultaneous Mapping of DSC- and DCE-MRI Parameters in Brain Tumor Patients: Theory and Initial Feasibility. (Paulson ES, Prah DE, Schmainda KM) Tomography 2016 Dec;2(4):295-307 PMID: 28090589 PMCID: PMC5226659 01/17/2017    
  • Recommendations for MRI-based contouring of gross tumor volume and organs at risk for radiation therapy of pancreatic cancer. (Heerkens HD, Hall WA, Li XA, Knechtges P, Dalah E, Paulson ES, van den Berg CA, Meijer GJ, Koay EJ, Crane CH, Aitken K, van Vulpen M, Erickson BA) Pract Radiat Oncol 2017 Mar - Apr;7(2):126-136 PMID: 28089481 01/17/2017       5 Citations
  • Investigation of undersampling and reconstruction algorithm dependence on respiratory correlated 4D-MRI for online MR-guided radiation therapy. (Mickevicius NJ, Paulson ES) Phys Med Biol 2017 04 21;62(8):2910-2921 PMID: 27997382 12/21/2016       15 Citations
  • Simultaneous orthogonal plane imaging. (Mickevicius NJ, Paulson ES) Magn Reson Med 2017 11;78(5):1700-1710 PMID: 27917527 12/06/2016       6 Citations
  • Consensus opinion on MRI simulation for external beam radiation treatment planning. (Paulson ES, Crijns SP, Keller BM, Wang J, Schmidt MA, Coutts G, van der Heide UA) Radiother Oncol 2016 11;121(2):187-192 PMID: 27838146 11/14/2016       14 Citations
  • MRI-based IMRT planning for MR-linac: comparison between CT- and MRI-based plans for pancreatic and prostate cancers. (Prior P, Chen X, Botros M, Paulson ES, Lawton C, Erickson B, Li XA) Phys Med Biol 2016 05 21;61(10):3819-42 PMID: 27089554 04/19/2016       15 Citations
  • Repeatability of Standardized and Normalized Relative CBV in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma. (Prah MA, Stufflebeam SM, Paulson ES, Kalpathy-Cramer J, Gerstner ER, Batchelor TT, Barboriak DP, Rosen BR, Schmainda KM) AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 2015 Sep;36(9):1654-61 PMID: 26066626 PMCID: PMC4567906 06/13/2015       9 Citations
  • Evaluation of pre-radiotherapy apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC): patterns of recurrence and survival outcomes analysis in patients treated for glioblastoma multiforme. (Elson A, Paulson E, Bovi J, Siker M, Schultz C, Laviolette PS) J Neurooncol 2015 May;123(1):179-88 PMID: 25894597 04/22/2015       9 Citations
  • Restoring susceptibility induced MRI signal loss in rat brain at 9.4 T: A step towards whole brain functional connectivity imaging. (Li R, Liu X, Sidabras JW, Paulson ES, Jesmanowicz A, Nencka AS, Hudetz AG, Hyde JS) PLoS One 2015;10(4):e0119450 PMID: 25844644 PMCID: PMC4386820 04/07/2015       7 Citations
  • Evaluation of absolute and normalized apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values within the post-operative T2/FLAIR volume as adverse prognostic indicators in glioblastoma. (Elson A, Bovi J, Siker M, Schultz C, Paulson E) J Neurooncol 2015 May;122(3):549-58 PMID: 25700835 02/24/2015       7 Citations
  • Comprehensive MRI simulation methodology using a dedicated MRI scanner in radiation oncology for external beam radiation treatment planning. (Paulson ES, Erickson B, Schultz C, Allen Li X) Med Phys 2015 Jan;42(1):28-39 PMID: 25563245 01/08/2015       43 Citations
  • WE-G-18C-05: Characterization of Cross-Vendor, Cross-Field Strength MR Image Intensity Variations. (Paulson E, Prah D) Med Phys 2014 Jun;41(6):529 PMID: 28037058 06/01/2014    
  • TH-A-BRF-11: Image Intensity Non-Uniformities Between MRI Simulation and Diagnostic MRI. (Paulson E) Med Phys 2014 Jun;41(6):539 PMID: 28037097 06/01/2014    
  • SU-E-J-239: IMRT Planning of Prostate Cancer for a MRI-Linac Based On MRI Only. (Chen X, Prior P, Paulson E, Lawton C, Li X) Med Phys 2014 Jun;41(6):212 PMID: 28037609 06/01/2014    
  • SU-C-19A-03: Evaluation of Common Material Magnetic Susceptibility Effects for Immobilization Devices Used in MRI-Guided Therapies. (Paulson E, Jesmanowicz A) Med Phys 2014 Jun;41(6):92 PMID: 28037901 06/01/2014    
  • SU-E-J-136: Multimodality-Image-Based Target Delineation for Dose Painting of Pancreatic Cancer. (Dalah E, Paulson E, Erickson B, Li X) Med Phys 2014 Jun;41(6):187 PMID: 28038275 06/01/2014    
  • SU-E-J-193: Feasibility of MRI-Only Based IMRT Planning for Pancreatic Cancer. (Prior P, Botros M, Chen X, Paulson E, Erickson B, Li X) Med Phys 2014 Jun;41(6):201 PMID: 28037191 06/01/2014    
  • 3-T MRI-based adaptive brachytherapy for cervix cancer: treatment technique and initial clinical outcomes. (Kharofa J, Morrow N, Kelly T, Rownd J, Paulson E, Rader J, Uyar D, Bradley W, Erickson B) Brachytherapy 2014 Jul-Aug;13(4):319-25 PMID: 24837024 05/20/2014       19 Citations
  • Variability of target and normal structure delineation using multimodality imaging for radiation therapy of pancreatic cancer. (Dalah E, Moraru I, Paulson E, Erickson B, Li XA) Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2014 Jul 01;89(3):633-40 PMID: 24755533 04/24/2014       19 Citations
  • Effect of contrast leakage on the detection of abnormal brain tumor vasculature in high-grade glioma. (LaViolette PS, Daun MK, Paulson ES, Schmainda KM) J Neurooncol 2014 Feb;116(3):543-549 PMID: 24293201 PMCID: PMC4316680 12/03/2013       7 Citations
  • The effect of pulse sequence parameters and contrast agent dose on percentage signal recovery in DSC-MRI: implications for clinical applications. (Boxerman JL, Paulson ES, Prah MA, Schmainda KM) AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 2013 Jul;34(7):1364-9 PMID: 23413249 PMCID: PMC4316677 02/16/2013       13 Citations
  • MO-G-BRA-05: High Fidelity, Low Distortion Tetrahedral Diffusion-Weighted MRI for Radiation Treatment Planning. (Paulson E) Med Phys 2012 Jun;39(6):3882 PMID: 22756937 07/05/2012    
  • TH-E-BRA-04: Feasibility of Mapping Transient Tumor Hypoxia Using in Situ Activation PET Imaging: A Simulation Study. (Dalah E, Yang C, Moraru I, Paulson E, Zhang Q, Hu Y, Li X) Med Phys 2012 Jun;39(6):4012 PMID: 22757449 07/05/2012    
  • SU-E-J-109: Accurate Contour Transfer Between Different Image Modalities Using a Hybrid Deformable Image Registration and Fuzzy Connected Image Segmentation Method. (Yang C, Paulson E, Li X) Med Phys 2012 Jun;39(6):3677 PMID: 22756078 07/05/2012    
  • The Role of preload and leakage correction in gadolinium-based cerebral blood volume estimation determined by comparison with MION as a criterion standard. (Boxerman JL, Prah DE, Paulson ES, Machan JT, Bedekar D, Schmainda KM) AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 2012 Jun;33(6):1081-7 PMID: 22322605 PMCID: PMC4331024 02/11/2012       59 Citations
  • Internal margin assessment using cine MRI analysis of deglutition in head and neck cancer radiotherapy. (Paulson ES, Bradley JA, Wang D, Ahunbay EE, Schultz C, Li XA) Med Phys 2011 Apr;38(4):1740-7 PMID: 21626908 06/02/2011       9 Citations
  • Dynamic MRI analysis of tumor and organ motion during rest and deglutition and margin assessment for radiotherapy of head-and-neck cancer. (Bradley JA, Paulson ES, Ahunbay E, Schultz C, Li XA, Wang D) Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2011 Dec 01;81(5):e803-12 PMID: 21300480 02/09/2011       18 Citations
  • A simple method for rectified noise floor suppression: Phase-corrected real data reconstruction with application to diffusion-weighted imaging. (Prah DE, Paulson ES, Nencka AS, Schmainda KM) Magn Reson Med 2010 Aug;64(2):418-29 PMID: 20665786 PMCID: PMC4321728 07/29/2010       13 Citations
  • Detecting changes in human cerebral blood flow after acute exercise using arterial spin labeling: implications for fMRI. (Smith JC, Paulson ES, Cook DB, Verber MD, Tian Q) J Neurosci Methods 2010 Aug 30;191(2):258-62 PMID: 20603148 07/07/2010       35 Citations
  • Comparison of dynamic susceptibility-weighted contrast-enhanced MR methods: recommendations for measuring relative cerebral blood volume in brain tumors. (Paulson ES, Schmainda KM) Radiology 2008 Nov;249(2):601-13 PMID: 18780827 PMCID: PMC2657863 09/11/2008    
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