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Fabian Mc Johnston MD

Fabian Mc Johnston MD

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Surgery
Division: Surgical Oncology

Member of the Cancer Center


  • Surgical management of hepatic hemangiomas: a multi-institutional experience. (Miura JT, Amini A, Schmocker R, Nichols S, Sukato D, Winslow ER, Spolverato G, Ejaz A, Squires MH, Kooby DA, Maithel SK, Li A, Wu MC, Sarmiento JM, Bloomston M, Christians KK, Johnston FM, Tsai S, Turaga KK, Tsung A, Pawlik TM, Gamblin TC) HPB (Oxford) 2014 Oct;16(10):924-8 PMID 24946109
  • Molecular profiling in gastric cancer: examining potential targets for chemotherapy. (Miura JT, Johnston FM, Thomas J, George B, Eastwood D, Tsai S, Christians KK, Turaga KK, Gamblin TC) J Surg Oncol 2014 Sep;110(3):302-6 PMID 24844210
  • Current trends in the management of malignant peritoneal mesothelioma. (Miura JT, Johnston FM, Gamblin TC, Turaga KK) Ann Surg Oncol 2014 Nov;21(12):3947-53 PMID 24841356
  • Prognostic value of CpG island methylator phenotype among colorectal cancer patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis. (Juo YY, Johnston FM, Zhang DY, Juo HH, Wang H, Pappou EP, Yu T, Easwaran H, Baylin S, van Engeland M, Ahuja N) Ann Oncol 2014 Dec;25(12):2314-27 PMID 24718889
  • Defining incidence and risk factors of venous thromboemolism after hepatectomy. (Ejaz A, Spolverato G, Kim Y, Lucas DL, Lau B, Weiss M, Johnston FM, Kheng M, Hirose K, Wolfgang CL, Haut E, Pawlik TM) J Gastrointest Surg 2014 Jun;18(6):1116-24 PMID 24337986
  • Measuring briefing and checklist compliance in surgery: a tool for quality improvement. (Johnston FM, Tergas AI, Bennett JL, Valero V 3rd, Morrissey CK, Fader AN, Hobson DB, Weaver SJ, Rosen MA, Wick EC) Am J Med Qual 2014 Nov-Dec;29(6):491-8 PMID 24270170
  • Local therapies for hepatic metastases. (Johnston FM, Mavros MN, Herman JM, Pawlik TM) J Natl Compr Canc Netw 2013 Feb 1;11(2):153-60 PMID 23411382
  • Presentation and management of gastrointestinal stromal tumors of the duodenum: a multi-institutional analysis. (Johnston FM, Kneuertz PJ, Cameron JL, Sanford D, Fisher S, Turley R, Groeschl R, Hyder O, Kooby DA, Blazer D 3rd, Choti MA, Wolfgang CL, Gamblin TC, Hawkins WG, Maithel SK, Pawlik TM) Ann Surg Oncol 2012 Oct;19(11):3351-60 PMID 22878613
  • Resection of non-hepatic colorectal cancer metastasis. (Johnston FM, Kneuertz PJ, Pawlik TM) J Gastrointest Oncol 2012 Mar;3(1):59-68 PMID 22811870
  • Mesh reinforcement of pancreatic transection decreases incidence of pancreatic occlusion failure for left pancreatectomy: a single-blinded, randomized controlled trial. (Hamilton NA, Porembka MR, Johnston FM, Gao F, Strasberg SM, Linehan DC, Hawkins WG) Ann Surg 2012 Jun;255(6):1037-42 PMID 22534422
  • A single-institution review of 157 patients presenting with benign and malignant tumors of the ampulla of Vater: management and outcomes. (Hornick JR, Johnston FM, Simon PO, Younkin M, Chamberlin M, Mitchem JB, Azar RR, Linehan DC, Strasberg SM, Edmundowicz SA, Hawkins WG) Surgery 2011 Aug;150(2):169-76 PMID 21801957
  • Identification of the PGRMC1 protein complex as the putative sigma-2 receptor binding site. (Xu J, Zeng C, Chu W, Pan F, Rothfuss JM, Zhang F, Tu Z, Zhou D, Zeng D, Vangveravong S, Johnston F, Spitzer D, Chang KC, Hotchkiss RS, Hawkins WG, Wheeler KT, Mach RH) Nat Commun 2011;2:380 PMID 21730960
  • Circulating mesothelin protein and cellular antimesothelin immunity in patients with pancreatic cancer. (Johnston FM, Tan MC, Tan BR Jr, Porembka MR, Brunt EM, Linehan DC, Simon PO Jr, Plambeck-Suess S, Eberlein TJ, Hellstrom KE, Hellstrom I, Hawkins WG, Goedegebuure P) Clin Cancer Res 2009 Nov 1;15(21):6511-8 PMID 19843662
  • The effect of mesh reinforcement of a stapled transection line on the rate of pancreatic occlusion failure after distal pancreatectomy: review of a single institution's experience. (Johnston FM, Cavataio A, Strasberg SM, Hamilton NA, Simon PO Jr, Trinkaus K, Doyle MB, Mathews BD, Porembka MR, Linehan DC, Hawkins WG) HPB (Oxford) 2009 Feb;11(1):25-31 PMID 19590620
  • Left-sided pancreatectomy: a multicenter comparison of laparoscopic and open approaches. (Kooby DA, Gillespie T, Bentrem D, Nakeeb A, Schmidt MC, Merchant NB, Parikh AA, Martin RC 2nd, Scoggins CR, Ahmad S, Kim HJ, Park J, Johnston F, Strouch MJ, Menze A, Rymer J, McClaine R, Strasberg SM, Talamonti MS, Staley CA, McMasters KM, Lowy AM, Byrd-Sellers J, Wood WC, Hawkins WG) Ann Surg 2008 Sep;248(3):438-46 PMID 18791364
  • Selective sigma-2 ligands preferentially bind to pancreatic adenocarcinomas: applications in diagnostic imaging and therapy. (Kashiwagi H, McDunn JE, Simon PO Jr, Goedegebuure PS, Xu J, Jones L, Chang K, Johnston F, Trinkaus K, Hotchkiss RS, Mach RH, Hawkins WG) Mol Cancer 2007;6:48 PMID 17631687
  • Behavioral and magnetic resonance spectroscopic studies in the rat hyperserotonemic model of autism. (Kahne D, Tudorica A, Borella A, Shapiro L, Johnstone F, Huang W, Whitaker-Azmitia PM) Physiol Behav 2002 Mar;75(3):403-10 PMID 11897268
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