Medical College of Wisconsin
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Jeffrey A. Morzinski PhD

Jeffrey A. Morzinski PhD


Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Family Medicine
Division: Academic
Program: Interdisciplinary Medical Students

Methodologies and Techniques

  • Health Care Coalitions
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Motivation for Behavioral Change
  • Leadership Positions

  • Director, Professional Development Division, Dept of Family & Community Medicine
  • Course Director, Leadership in Academic Health Care (four-part series)
  • Chair, 2013 Medical Student Education Conference, Society of Teachers of Family Medicine
  • Past Chair, Group on Faculty Development, Society of Teachers of Family Medicine
  • Director, Center for Healthy Communities and Research, Dept of Family & Community Med
  • Past Chair, Faculty Career Development Committee, Med College of Wis
  • Educational Expertise

  • Education, Continuing
  • Education, Public Health Professional
  • Healthy People Programs
  • Mentors
  • Physical Fitness
  • Faculty Development
  • Community Partnerships

  • VA & Veteran Service Organizations in SE Wisconsin
  • Elder Community Health in Milwaukee Churches (multiple partners)
  • A Healthy GYM: Guiding Youth Movement in a Faith Based Community
  • Publications

  • Clinical clerkship students' perceptions of (un)safe transitions for every patient. (Koch PE, Simpson D, Toth H, Marcdante K, Densmore E, Young S, Weisgerber M, Morzinski JA, Havas N) Acad Med 2014 Mar;89(3):477-81 PMID: 24448048 01/23/2014
  • Training lay volunteers to promote health in central-city African American churches. (Ellis JL, Morzinski JA) J Christ Nurs 2013 Apr-Jun;30(2):112-6 PMID: 23607160 04/24/2013
  • Training community-engaged researchers. (Bradford L, Eldredge CE, Morzinski JA) Acad Med 2013 Feb;88(2):154 PMID: 23361025 01/31/2013
  • Improving the value of CME: impact of an evidence-based CME credit designation on faculty and learners. (Davis NL, Lawrence SL, Morzinski JA, Radjenovich ME) Fam Med 2009 Nov-Dec;41(10):735-40 PMID: 19882398 11/03/2009
  • The influence of double-credit evidence-based continuing medical education on presenters and learners. (Lawrence SL, Morzinski JA, Radjenovich ME) WMJ 2008 Jul;107(4):181-6 PMID: 18702434 08/16/2008
  • The influence of academic projects on the professional socialization of family medicine faculty. (Morzinski JA) Fam Med 2005 May;37(5):348-53 PMID: 15883901 05/11/2005
  • Mentors, colleagues, and successful health science faculty: lessons from the field. (Morzinski JA) J Vet Med Educ 2005;32(1):5-11 PMID: 15834815 04/19/2005
  • Outcomes of a comprehensive faculty development program for local, full-time faculty. (Morzinski JA, Simpson DE) Fam Med 2003 Jun;35(6):434-9 PMID: 12817872 06/24/2003
  • A new program to reward and retain volunteer clinical faculty at the Medical College of Wisconsin. (Morzinski JA, Gaebler-Uhing C, Anderson RC) WMJ 2003;102(2):34-7 PMID: 12754906 05/21/2003
  • Logic modeling: a tool for improving educational programs. (Morzinski JA, Montagnini ML) J Palliat Med 2002 Aug;5(4):566-70 PMID: 12353497 10/02/2002
  • A nationwide study of the influence of faculty development programs on colleague relationships. (Morzinski JA, Fisher JC) Acad Med 2002 May;77(5):402-6 PMID: 12010696 05/16/2002
  • Evaluating faculty development outcomes by using curriculum vitae analysis. (Morzinski JA, Schubot DB) Fam Med 2000 Mar;32(3):185-9 PMID: 10726219 03/22/2000
  • Fellowship program results applied locally. (Morzinski JA, Meurer L) Fam Med 1999 Sep;31(8):533 PMID: 10489632 09/18/1999
  • Published literature on faculty development programs. (Meurer LN, Morzinski JA) Fam Med 1997 Apr;29(4):248-50 PMID: 9110159 04/01/1997
  • A descriptive, cross-sectional study of formal mentoring for faculty. (Morzinski JA, Diehr S, Bower DJ, Simpson DE) Fam Med 1996 Jun;28(6):434-8 PMID: 8791073 06/01/1996
  • Translating family medicine's educational expertise into academic success. (Lindemann JC, Beecher AC, Morzinski JA, Simpson DE) Fam Med 1995 May;27(5):306-9 PMID: 7628650 05/01/1995
  • Faculty development through formal mentoring. (Morzinski JA, Simpson DE, Bower DJ, Diehr S) Acad Med 1994 Apr;69(4):267-9 PMID: 8155228 04/01/1994
  • A call to increase the accessibility of medical education information. (Simpson DE, Morzinski JA, Biernat KA) Acad Med 1993 May;68(5):355 PMID: 8338529 05/01/1993
  • Last update: 05/12/2016
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