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Joseph A. Bovi MD

Joseph A. Bovi MD

Associate Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Radiation Oncology
Program: Clinical

Member of the Cancer Center


  • Prevention of Brain Metastases. (Bovi JA) Front Neurol 2018;9:758 PMID: 30323785 PMCID: PMC6172309 10/17/2018    
  • Consolidative Whole-Brain Radiation Therapy Versus Autologous Stem Cell Transplant for Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma: A Large Dose of Perspective and Perhaps a Lower Dose of Radiation Are in Order. (Bovi JA, Schultz CJ, Mehta MP, Corn BW) Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2018 Sep 01;102(1):59-60 PMID: 30102204 08/14/2018    
  • Current Predictive Indices and Nomograms To Enable Personalization of Radiation Therapy for Patients With Secondary Malignant Neoplasms of the Central Nervous System: A Review. (Gilbride L, Siker M, Bovi J, Gore E, Schultz C, Hall WA) Neurosurgery 2018 May 01;82(5):595-603 PMID: 29669114 04/19/2018    
  • Intermediate-risk meningioma: initial outcomes from NRG Oncology RTOG 0539. (Rogers L, Zhang P, Vogelbaum MA, Perry A, Ashby LS, Modi JM, Alleman AM, Galvin J, Brachman D, Jenrette JM, De Groot J, Bovi JA, Werner-Wasik M, Knisely JPS, Mehta MP) J Neurosurg 2018 Jul;129(1):35-47 PMID: 28984517 PMCID: PMC5889346 10/07/2017       9 Citations
  • Pulsed Reduced Dose Rate Reirradiation (PRDR) Using Modulated Arc (mARC) Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy for Recurrent Gliomas: Initial Clinical Outcomes of a Novel Technique. (Siker ML, Firat S, Prah D, Schultz CJ, Dayal A, Masterson C, Connelly JM, Mueller WM, Bovi JA) Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2016 Oct 1;96(2S):E125-E126 PMID: 27673841 09/28/2016    
  • Clinical Significance of Updated MRI Simulation Versus Immediate Postoperative MRI for Radiation Treatment Planning in Patients With Glioblastoma: Changes in FLAIR Signal. (Dayal A, Siker ML, Firat S, Bovi JA, Schultz CJ, Mueller WM, Connelly JM, Rand SD) Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2016 Oct 1;96(2S):E103 PMID: 27673785 09/28/2016    
  • Dosimetric Feasibility of Preoperative Partial Breast Irradiation in Prone Position Using a Magnetic Resonance Linear Accelerator. (Prior PW Jr, Currey AD, Kelly TR, Bovi JA, Bergom C, Li A) Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2016 Oct 1;96(2S):E691-E692 PMID: 27675373 09/28/2016    
  • Progressing Bevacizumab-Induced Diffusion Restriction Is Associated with Coagulative Necrosis Surrounded by Viable Tumor and Decreased Overall Survival in Patients with Recurrent Glioblastoma. (Nguyen HS, Milbach N, Hurrell SL, Cochran E, Connelly J, Bovi JA, Schultz CJ, Mueller WM, Rand SD, Schmainda KM, LaViolette PS) AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 2016 12;37(12):2201-2208 PMID: 27492073 PMCID: PMC5161572 08/06/2016       14 Citations
  • Phase I and II Study of Induction Chemotherapy With Methotrexate, Rituximab, and Temozolomide, Followed By Whole-Brain Radiotherapy and Postirradiation Temozolomide for Primary CNS Lymphoma: NRG Oncology RTOG 0227. (Glass J, Won M, Schultz CJ, Brat D, Bartlett NL, Suh JH, Werner-Wasik M, Fisher BJ, Liepman MK, Augspurger M, Bokstein F, Bovi JA, Solhjem MC, Mehta MP) J Clin Oncol 2016 05 10;34(14):1620-5 PMID: 27022122 PMCID: PMC4872318 03/30/2016       32 Citations
  • Pathology concordance levels for meningioma classification and grading in NRG Oncology RTOG Trial 0539. (Rogers CL, Perry A, Pugh S, Vogelbaum MA, Brachman D, McMillan W, Jenrette J, Barani I, Shrieve D, Sloan A, Bovi J, Kwok Y, Burri SH, Chao ST, Spalding AC, Anscher MS, Bloom B, Mehta M) Neuro Oncol 2016 Apr;18(4):565-74 PMID: 26493095 PMCID: PMC4799683 10/24/2015       22 Citations
  • Evaluation of pre-radiotherapy apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC): patterns of recurrence and survival outcomes analysis in patients treated for glioblastoma multiforme. (Elson A, Paulson E, Bovi J, Siker M, Schultz C, Laviolette PS) J Neurooncol 2015 May;123(1):179-88 PMID: 25894597 04/22/2015       9 Citations
  • Phase 1/2 trials of Temozolomide, Motexafin Gadolinium, and 60-Gy fractionated radiation for newly diagnosed supratentorial glioblastoma multiforme: final results of RTOG 0513. (Brachman DG, Pugh SL, Ashby LS, Thomas TA, Dunbar EM, Narayan S, Robins HI, Bovi JA, Rockhill JK, Won M, Curran WP) Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2015 Apr 01;91(5):961-7 PMID: 25832688 PMCID: PMC4706375 04/04/2015       12 Citations
  • Use of Helical TomoTherapy for the Focal Hypofractionated Treatment of Limited Brain Metastases in the Initial and Recurrent Setting. (Elson A, Walker A, Bovi JA, Schultz C) Front Oncol 2015;5:27 PMID: 25709970 PMCID: PMC4321406 02/25/2015    
  • Evaluation of absolute and normalized apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values within the post-operative T2/FLAIR volume as adverse prognostic indicators in glioblastoma. (Elson A, Bovi J, Siker M, Schultz C, Paulson E) J Neurooncol 2015 May;122(3):549-58 PMID: 25700835 02/24/2015       7 Citations
  • Precise ex vivo histological validation of heightened cellularity and diffusion-restricted necrosis in regions of dark apparent diffusion coefficient in 7 cases of high-grade glioma. (LaViolette PS, Mickevicius NJ, Cochran EJ, Rand SD, Connelly J, Bovi JA, Malkin MG, Mueller WM, Schmainda KM) Neuro Oncol 2014 Dec;16(12):1599-606 PMID: 25059209 PMCID: PMC4232087 07/26/2014       28 Citations
  • Effect of treatment modality on the hypothalamic-pituitary function of patients treated with radiation therapy for pituitary adenomas: hypothalamic dose and endocrine outcomes. (Elson A, Bovi J, Kaur K, Maas D, Sinson G, Schultz C) Front Oncol 2014;4:73 PMID: 24782984 PMCID: PMC3988389 05/02/2014    
  • The role of pre-treatment white matter abnormalities in developing white matter changes following whole brain radiation: a volumetric study. (Sabsevitz DS, Bovi JA, Leo PD, Laviolette PS, Rand SD, Mueller WM, Schultz CJ) J Neurooncol 2013 Sep;114(3):291-7 PMID: 23813291 07/03/2013       2 Citations
  • Radiation therapy in the prevention of brain metastases. (Bovi JA, White J) Curr Oncol Rep 2012 Feb;14(1):55-62 PMID: 22134834 12/03/2011       12 Citations
  • Gamma knife surgery of vestibular schwannomas: volumetric dosimetry correlations to hearing loss suggest stria vascularis devascularization as the mechanism of early hearing loss. (Wackym PA, Runge-Samuelson CL, Nash JJ, Poetker DM, Albano K, Bovi J, Michel MA, Friedland DR, Zhu YR, Hannley MT) Otol Neurotol 2010 Dec;31(9):1480-7 PMID: 20930653 10/12/2010       22 Citations
  • Current management of primary central nervous system lymphoma. (Schultz CJ, Bovi J) Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2010 Mar 01;76(3):666-78 PMID: 20159361 02/18/2010       32 Citations
  • Comparison of three accelerated partial breast irradiation techniques: treatment effectiveness based upon biological models. (Bovi J, Qi XS, White J, Li XA) Radiother Oncol 2007 Sep;84(3):226-32 PMID: 17692980 08/19/2007       42 Citations
  • Postirradiation morphea in a breast cancer patient. (Dubner S, Bovi J, White J, Susnik B) Breast J 2006 Mar-Apr;12(2):173-6 PMID: 16509846 03/03/2006       21 Citations
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