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Joseph O. Hill PhD

Associate Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Research Office
Division: Office of Technology Development
Program: Office of Technology Development

Methodologies and Techniques

  • Biomedical Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Contracts
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Intellectual Property
  • Patents
  • Technology
  • Technology Assessment, Biomedical
  • Technology Transfer
  • Technology, Medical
  • Technology, Pharmaceutical
  • Leadership Positions

  • Vice President for Technology Development
    Director, MCW Research Foundation
  • Community Partnerships

  • Wisconsin Small Business Innovation Consortium Board of Directors (2001-pres)
    Wisconsin Technology Council: Board of Directors (2001-pres), Executive Committee (2006-pres), Treasurer (2006-pres)
    Wisconsin Innovation Network Board of Directors (2001-pres)
    Wisconsin Security Research Consortium (2007-pres)
    Wisconsin Entrepreneurs Conference (2006-pres)
  • Publications

  • CD4+ T cells cause multinucleated giant cells to form around Cryptococcus neoformans and confine the yeast within the primary site of infection in the respiratory tract. (Hill JO) J Exp Med 1992 Jun 1;175(6):1685-95 PMID 1588288
  • Intrapulmonary growth and dissemination of an avirulent strain of Cryptococcus neoformans in mice depleted of CD4+ or CD8+ T cells. (Hill JO, Harmsen AG) J Exp Med 1991 Mar 1;173(3):755-8 PMID 1900084
  • Reduced numbers of CD4+ suppressor cells with subsequent expansion of CD8+ protective T cells as an explanation for the paradoxical state of enhanced resistance to Leishmania in T-cell deficient BALB/c mice. (Hill JO) Immunology 1991 Feb;72(2):282-6 PMID 1826673
  • Elimination of CD4+ suppressor T cells from susceptible BALB/c mice releases CD8+ T lymphocytes to mediate protective immunity against Leishmania. (Hill JO, Awwad M, North RJ) J Exp Med 1989 May 1;169(5):1819-27 PMID 2523955
  • Pathophysiology of experimental leishmaniasis: the role of parasite physiology in the development of metastatic disease. (Hill JO) Am J Trop Med Hyg 1988 Sep;39(3):256-60 PMID 2972218
  • Leishmania spp.: agar plating as an alternative to limiting dilution and impression smears for the enumeration of viable parasites in tissue. (Hill JO, Fahey JR) Exp Parasitol 1987 Feb;63(1):108-11 PMID 3803532
  • Modulation of the pattern of development of experimental disseminated leishmaniasis by Corynebacterium parvum. (Hill JO) J Leukoc Biol 1987 Feb;41(2):165-9 PMID 3468194
  • Pathophysiology of experimental leishmaniasis: pattern of development of metastatic disease in the susceptible host. (Hill JO) Infect Immun 1986 May;52(2):364-9 PMID 3699885
  • Resistance to cutaneous leishmaniasis: acquired ability of the host to kill parasites at the site of infection. (Hill JO) Infect Immun 1984 Jul;45(1):127-32 PMID 6735464
  • Quantitation of Leishmania tropica major by its ability to form distinct colonies on agar-based media. (Hill JO) J Parasitol 1983 Dec;69(6):1068-71 PMID 6674456
  • In vitro cytotoxicity to alveolar macrophages of tar from a low-Btu coal gasifier. (Hill JO, Royer RE, Mitchell CE, Dutcher JS) Environ Res 1983 Aug;31(2):484-92 PMID 6884305
  • In vitro and in vivo response after exposure to man-made mineral and asbestos insulation fibers. (Pickrell JA, Hill JO, Carpenter RL, Hahn FF, Rebar AH) Am Ind Hyg Assoc J 1983 Aug;44(8):557-61 PMID 6312789
  • Advantages of measuring changes in the number of viable parasites in murine models of experimental cutaneous leishmaniasis. (Hill JO, North RJ, Collins FM) Infect Immun 1983 Mar;39(3):1087-94 PMID 6840835
  • Evaluation of the pulmonary immune response by analysis of bronchoalveolar fluids obtained by serial lung lavage. (Hill JO, Bice DE, Harris DL, Muggenburg BA) Int Arch Allergy Appl Immunol 1983;71(2):173-7 PMID 6840873
  • In vitro cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of dibutyltin dichloride and dibutylgermanium dichloride. (Li AP, Dahl AR, Hill JO) Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 1982 Jul;64(3):482-5 PMID 7150422
  • Activation of immune complement by fly ash particles from coal combustion. (Hill JO, Rothenberg SJ, Kanapilly GM, Hanson RL, Scott BR) Environ Res 1982 Jun;28(1):113-22 PMID 7106066
  • Comparative cytotoxicity of DQ12-quartz and fly ash particles from coal combustion. (Hill JO, Hobbs CH) Toxicol Lett 1982 Mar;10(4):399-403 PMID 6283695
  • Comparative damage to alveolar macrophages after phagocytosis of respirable particles. (Hill JO, Gray RH, DeNee PB, Newton GJ) Environ Res 1982 Feb;27(1):95-109 PMID 7067684
  • Toxicological characterization of the process stream from an experimental low Btu coal gasifier. (Benson JM, Hill JO, Mitchell CE, Newton GJ, Carpenter RL) Arch Environ Contam Toxicol 1982;11(3):363-71 PMID 7049093
  • Toxicity of selenium compounds to alveolar macrophages. (Medinsky MA, Cuddihy RG, Hill JO, McClellan RO) Toxicol Lett 1981 Jun-Jul;8(4-5):289-93 PMID 7268812
  • Immune responses after localized lung immunization in the dog. (Bice DE, Harris DL, Hill JO, Muggenburg BA, Wolff RK) Am Rev Respir Dis 1980 Nov;122(5):755-60 PMID 7192526
  • Immunology of the lower respiratory tract. Serial morphologic changes in the lungs and tracheobronchial lymph nodes of dogs after intrapulmonary immunization with sheep erythrocytes. (Brownstein DG, Rebar AH, Bice DE, Muggenburg BA, Hill JO) Am J Pathol 1980 Feb;98(2):499-514 PMID 7355989
  • Cell-mediated immunity to soluble and particulate inhaled antigens. (Hill JO, Burrell R) Clin Exp Immunol 1979 Nov;38(2):332-41 PMID 393444
  • Local and systemic immunity following localized deposition of antigen in the lung. (Bice DE, Harris DL, Hill JO, Muggenburg BA) Chest 1979 Feb;75(2 Suppl):246-8 PMID 312183
  • Mitogenicity of cell wall fractions of Micropolyspora faeni. (Smith SM, Hill JO, Snyder IS, Burrell R) Ann Allergy 1978 Jan;40(1):12-4 PMID 623390
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