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Manu Kaushik MD

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Medicine
Division: Cardiology
Program: Clinical


  • Letter by Alla and Kaushik Regarding Article, "Three Recurrent Episodes of Apical-Ballooning Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy in a Man". (Alla VM, Kaushik M) Circulation 2016 May 10;133(19):e654 PMID: 27166351 05/12/2016
  • Comparison of percutaneous device closure versus surgical closure of peri-membranous ventricular septal defects: A systematic review and meta-analysis. (Saurav A, Kaushik M, Mahesh Alla V, White MD, Satpathy R, Lanspa T, Mooss AN, DelCore MG) Catheter Cardiovasc Interv 2015 Nov 15;86(6):1048-56 PMID: 26257085 08/11/2015
  • Outcomes of mitral valve repair compared with replacement in patients undergoing concomitant aortic valve surgery: a meta-analysis of observational studies. (Saurav A, Alla VM, Kaushik M, Hunter CC, Mooss AV) Eur J Cardiothorac Surg 2015 Sep;48(3):347-53 PMID: 25378363 11/08/2014
  • Efficacy and safety of transulnar coronary angiography and interventions--a single center experience. (Deshmukh AR, Kaushik M, Aboeata A, Abuzetun J, Burns TL, Nubel CA, White MD, Lanspa TJ, Hunter CB, Mooss AN, Esterbrooks DJ) Catheter Cardiovasc Interv 2014 Jan 01;83(1):E26-31 PMID: 23674395 05/16/2013
  • Number of shocks during elective cardioversion predicts long term recurrence of atrial fibrillation. (Alla VM, Kanuri S, Bansal O, Reddy YM, Kaushik M, Esterbrooks D, Mooss A) Int J Cardiol 2012 Jul 26;158(3):451-3 PMID: 22633432 05/29/2012
  • Fenofibric acid for hyperlipidemia. (Saurav A, Kaushik M, Mohiuddin SM) Expert Opin Pharmacother 2012 Apr;13(5):717-22 PMID: 22404421 03/13/2012
  • Recurrent stress cardiomyopathy with variable regional involvement: insights into etiopathogenetic mechanisms. (Kaushik M, Alla VM, Madan R, Arouni AJ, Mohiuddin SM) Circulation 2011 Nov 29;124(22):e556-7 PMID: 22125192 11/30/2011
  • Distinction of "fat around the heart". (Kaushik M, Reddy YM) J Am Coll Cardiol 2011 Oct 04;58(15):1640; author reply 1640-1 PMID: 21958896 10/01/2011
  • Development and validation of a risk calculator for prediction of cardiac risk after surgery. (Gupta PK, Gupta H, Sundaram A, Kaushik M, Fang X, Miller WJ, Esterbrooks DJ, Hunter CB, Pipinos II, Johanning JM, Lynch TG, Forse RA, Mohiuddin SM, Mooss AN) Circulation 2011 Jul 26;124(4):381-7 PMID: 21730309 07/07/2011
  • Predictors of pulmonary complications after bariatric surgery. (Gupta PK, Gupta H, Kaushik M, Fang X, Miller WJ, Morrow LE, Armour-Forse R) Surg Obes Relat Dis 2012 Sep-Oct;8(5):574-81 PMID: 21719358 07/02/2011
  • Feasibility and safety of elective transradial coronary intervention in Asian females. (Maddury J, Kaushik M, Madhavapeddi A, Babu S, Kumar N, Varma JL, Alla V) J Invasive Cardiol 2011 Mar;23(3):95-9 PMID: 21364237 03/03/2011
  • Clinical utility of valsartan in treatment of children and adolescents with high blood pressure. (Kaushik M, Mohiuddin SM) Adolesc Health Med Ther 2011;2:97-103 PMID: 24600279 PMCID: PMC3926775 01/01/2011
  • Paget-schroetter syndrome: review of pathogenesis and treatment of effort thrombosis. (Alla VM, Natarajan N, Kaushik M, Warrier R, Nair CK) West J Emerg Med 2010 Sep;11(4):358-62 PMID: 21079709 PMCID: PMC2967689 11/17/2010
  • Familial autosomal dominant sensorineural hearing loss associated with dilated cardiomyopathy. (Kaushik M, Alla VM, Madan R, Reddy YM, Nair CK, Gupta PK) South Med J 2010 Dec;103(12):1277-8 PMID: 20935592 10/12/2010
  • Cholecysto-colonic Fistula Manifesting as Pneumobilia and Gastrointestinal Bleed. (Kaushik M, Madan R, Gupta PK, Gorthi J, Alla VM) West J Emerg Med 2010 May;11(2):220-1 PMID: 20823984 PMCID: PMC2908669 09/09/2010
  • Cardiac angiosarcoma and recurrent pericardial effusion. (Kaushik M, Alla VM, Pasupuleti S, Hunter C, Shatat L, Hunter WJ) South Med J 2010 Aug;103(8):849-50 PMID: 20622718 07/14/2010
  • Spontaneous rectus sheath hematoma. (Alla VM, Karnam SM, Kaushik M, Porter J) West J Emerg Med 2010 Feb;11(1):76-9 PMID: 20411082 PMCID: PMC2850860 04/23/2010
  • Targeting residual risk: the rationale for the use of non-HDL cholesterol. (Alla VM, Kaushik M, Mooss A) South Med J 2010 May;103(5):434-7; quiz 438-9 PMID: 20375942 04/09/2010
  • Temperature twist. (Alla VM, Suryanarayana PG, Kaushik M) Am J Med 2010 Feb;123(2):127-30 PMID: 20103020 01/28/2010
  • Cardiovascular disease and androgens: a review. (Kaushik M, Sontineni SP, Hunter C) Int J Cardiol 2010 Jun 25;142(1):8-14 PMID: 19923015 11/20/2009
  • A false alarm. (Kaushik M, Alla VM, Mooss A) Am J Med 2009 Sep;122(9):833-5 PMID: 19699378 08/25/2009
  • Biomarkers of oxidative damage to predict ischaemia-reperfusion injury in an isolated organ perfusion model of the transplanted kidney. (Waller HL, Harper SJ, Hosgood SA, Bagul A, Yang B, Kay MD, Kaushik M, Nicholson ML) Free Radic Res 2006 Nov;40(11):1218-25 PMID: 17050175 10/20/2006
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