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Nathan Skinner

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin - CTSI
Department: CTSI


  • Diffusion MRI in acute nervous system injury. (Budde MD, Skinner NP) J Magn Reson 2018 Jul;292:137-148 PMID: 29773299 05/19/2018       2 Citations
  • Filter-probe diffusion imaging improves spinal cord injury outcome prediction. (Skinner NP, Lee SY, Kurpad SN, Schmit BD, Muftuler LT, Budde MD) Ann Neurol 2018 Jul;84(1):37-50 PMID: 29752739 PMCID: PMC6119508 05/13/2018    
  • Optimizing Filter-Probe Diffusion Weighting in the Rat Spinal Cord for Human Translation. (Budde MD, Skinner NP, Muftuler LT, Schmit BD, Kurpad SN) Front Neurosci 2017;11:706 PMID: 29311786 PMCID: PMC5742102 01/10/2018    
  • Rapid in vivo detection of rat spinal cord injury with double-diffusion-encoded magnetic resonance spectroscopy. (Skinner NP, Kurpad SN, Schmit BD, Tugan Muftuler L, Budde MD) Magn Reson Med 2017 04;77(4):1639-1649 PMID: 27080726 PMCID: PMC5285487 04/16/2016       13 Citations
  • Detection of acute nervous system injury with advanced diffusion-weighted MRI: a simulation and sensitivity analysis. (Skinner NP, Kurpad SN, Schmit BD, Budde MD) NMR Biomed 2015 Nov;28(11):1489-506 PMID: 26411743 09/29/2015       9 Citations
  • Information content in fluorescence correlation spectroscopy: binary mixtures and detection volume distortion. (Lam JD, Culbertson MJ, Skinner NP, Barton ZJ, Burden DL) Anal Chem 2011 Jul 01;83(13):5268-74 PMID: 21604738 05/25/2011    
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