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Philip N. Redlich MD, PhD

Philip N. Redlich MD, PhD

Associate Dean, Chief, Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Surgery
Division: Administration
Program: General

Leadership Positions

  • Chief, Division of Education, Department of Surgery
  • Publications

  • Influence of clerkship sites on National Board of Medical Examiners surgery subject examination performance. (Rentea RM, Lewis BD, Leisten AJ, Treat R, Redlich PN) Am J Surg 2015 Aug;210(2):396-400 PMID 25913433
  • Surgery residency curriculum examination scores predict future American Board of Surgery in-training examination performance. (Webb TP, Paul J, Treat R, Codner P, Anderson R, Redlich P) J Surg Educ 2014 Sep-Oct;71(5):743-7 PMID 24776858
  • Teaching oral and powerpoint skills for the surgical morbidity and mortality (M&M) conference presentation. (Gribovskaja-Rupp, I, Redlich, P, Treat, R, Webb, T, Anderson, R.) MedEd Portal
  • Pearls for oral presentations: Just in time training for beginning clinical students. (Helms, A, Tews, M, Palma-Sisto, P, Tipnis, S, Kartman, B, Redlich, P.) MedEd Portal
  • Curriculum management and governance structure. (Simons, K, Simpson, D, Marcdante, K, Redlich, PN.) Academic Medicine September 2010 - Volume 85 - Issue 9 - pp S603-S608
  • Putting a price on education: hours and dollars for a general surgery curriculum. (Webb TP, Brasel KJ, Redlich PN, Weigelt JA) Am J Surg 2010 Jan;199(1):126-30 PMID 20103078
  • Does the surgical clerkship meet the needs of practicing primary care physicians? (Lewis BD, Leisten A, Arteaga D, Treat R, Brasel K, Redlich PN) WMJ 2009 Nov;108(8):398-402 PMID 20041577
  • Protected block curriculum enhances learning during general surgery residency training. (Webb TP, Weigelt JA, Redlich PN, Anderson RC, Brasel KJ, Simpson D) Arch Surg 2009 Feb;144(2):160-6 PMID 19221328
  • A PGY1 curriculum--meeting a need for changing times. (Weigelt JA, Simpson DE, Anderson RC, Brasel KJ, Redlich PN) Curr Surg 2006 Nov-Dec;63(6):410-7 PMID 17084770
  • Multiple variables influence the educational value of surgical clerkship sites. (Redlich PN, Milkowski T, Bragg D, Biernat K, Winthrop A, Simpson D) Am J Surg 2006 Feb;191(2):178-82 PMID 16442942
  • Feasibility of breast duct lavage performed by a physician extender. (Redlich PN, Purdy AC, Shidham VB, Yun HJ, Walker A, Ota D) Surgery 2004 Nov;136(5):1077-80; discussion 1080-2 PMID 15523404
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  • Mapping of IFN-beta epitopes important for receptor binding and biologic activation: comparison of results achieved using antibody-based methods and alanine substitution mutagenesis. (Runkel L, De Dios C, Karpusas M, Baker D, Li Z, Zafari M, Betzenhauser M, Muldowney C, Miller S, Redlich PN, Grossberg SE, Whitty A, Hochman PS) J Interferon Cytokine Res 2001 Nov;21(11):931-41 PMID 11747625
  • Quantitative liquid-phase chemiluminescence ELISA: detection of subtle epitope differences in HuIFN-beta. (Golgher RR, Redlich PN, Totti DO, Grossberg SE) J Interferon Cytokine Res 1999 Sep;19(9):995-8 PMID 10505740
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  • Molecular metastases in stage I pancreatic cancer: improved survival with adjuvant chemoradiation. (Demeure MJ, Doffek KM, Komorowski RA, Redlich PN, Zhu YR, Erickson BA, Ritch PS, Pitt HA, Wilson SD) Surgery 1998 Oct;124(4):663-9 PMID 9780986
  • Carcinoma of the breast in males: a multiinstitutional survey. (Donegan WL, Redlich PN, Lang PJ, Gall MT) Cancer 1998 Aug 1;83(3):498-509 PMID 9690543
  • Surgical management of colorectal metastases to the liver: role of resection and cryosurgery. (Redlich PN, Baker EJ, McAuliffe TL, Quebbeman EJ) Wis Med J 1996 Dec;95(12):859-63 PMID 8993224
  • Breast cancer in men. (Donegan WL, Redlich PN) Surg Clin North Am 1996 Apr;76(2):343-63 PMID 8610268
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  • Evaluation of lymphocyte subsets and suppressor cell function in long-term renal transplant recipients. (Redlich PN, Leapman SB, Marder P, Schmidtke J, Smith EJ, Fineberg N, Filo RS) Transplant Proc 1984 Dec;16(6):1555-7 PMID 6239424
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