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Ron Gerrits BS,PhD

Ron Gerrits BS,PhD


Institution: Milwaukee School of Engineering
Department: Biomedical Engineering


  • Using AI to understand key success features in evolving CTSAs. (Kusch JD, Nelson DA, Simpson D, Gerrits R, Glass L) Clin Transl Sci 2013 Aug;6(4):314-6 PMID: 23919368 PMCID: PMC3929127 08/08/2013
  • A model of venous return while utilizing vacuum assist during cardiopulmonary bypass. (Brown SM, Fennigkoh L, Gerrits R, Hietpas M, Tritt C) J Extra Corpor Technol 2003 Sep;35(3):224-9 PMID: 14653425 12/05/2003
  • The CB1 receptor antagonist SR141716 enhances stimulus-induced activation of the primary somatosensory cortex of the rat. (Patel S, Gerrits R, Muthian S, Greene AS, Hillard CJ) Neurosci Lett 2002 Dec 25;335(2):95-8 PMID: 12459507 12/03/2002
  • Ca(2+)-activated potassium (K(Ca)) channel inhibition decreases neuronal activity-blood flow coupling. (Gerrits RJ, Stein EA, Greene AS) Brain Res 2002 Sep 06;948(1-2):108-16 PMID: 12383961 10/18/2002
  • Anesthesia alters NO-mediated functional hyperemia. (Gerrits RJ, Stein EA, Greene AS) Brain Res 2001 Jul 13;907(1-2):20-6 PMID: 11430881 06/30/2001
  • Regional cerebral blood flow responses to variable frequency whisker stimulation: an autoradiographic analysis. (Gerrits RJ, Raczynski C, Greene AS, Stein EA) Brain Res 2000 May 12;864(2):205-12 PMID: 10802027 05/10/2000
  • Laser-Doppler flowmetry utilizing a thinned skull cranial window preparation and automated stimulation. (Gerrits RJ, Stein EA, Greene AS) Brain Res Brain Res Protoc 1998 Sep;3(1):14-21 PMID: 9767083 10/10/1998
  • Blood flow increases linearly in rat somatosensory cortex with increased whisker movement frequency. (Gerrits RJ, Stein EA, Greene AS) Brain Res 1998 Feb 02;783(1):151-7 PMID: 9479064 05/02/1998
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