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Scott K. Van Why MD


Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Pediatrics
Division: Nephrology


  • Heat shock proteins in the kidney. (Sreedharan R, Van Why SK) Pediatr Nephrol 2016 Oct;31(10):1561-70 PMID: 26913726 02/26/2016
  • Mice with an absent stress response are protected against ischemic renal injury. (Sreedharan R, Chen S, Miller M, Haribhai D, Williams CB, Van Why SK) Kidney Int 2014 Sep;86(3):515-24 PMID: 24805105 PMCID: PMC4149847 05/09/2014
  • Donor and recipient BKV-specific IgG antibody and posttransplantation BKV infection: a prospective single-center study. (Sood P, Senanayake S, Sujeet K, Medipalli R, Van-Why SK, Cronin DC, Johnson CP, Hariharan S) Transplantation 2013 Mar 27;95(6):896-902 PMID: 23511214 03/21/2013
  • Chromosome substitution modulates resistance to ischemia reperfusion injury in Brown Norway rats. (Basile DP, Dwinell MR, Wang SJ, Shames BD, Donohoe DL, Chen S, Sreedharan R, Van Why SK) Kidney Int 2013 Feb;83(2):242-50 PMID: 23235564 PMCID: PMC3561482 12/14/2012
  • Renal function and proteinuria after successful immunosuppressive therapies in patients with FSGS. (Hogg RJ, Friedman A, Greene T, Radeva M, Budisavljevic MN, Gassman J, Gipson DS, Jefferson JA, John EG, Kaskel FJ, Moudgil A, Moxey-Mims M, Ortiz LA, Schelling JR, Schnaper W, Srivastava T, Trachtman H, Vehaskari VM, Wong C, Woronieki RP, Van Why SK, Zolotnitskaya A) Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2013 Feb;8(2):211-8 PMID: 23143503 PMCID: PMC3562866 11/13/2012
  • Protective effect of 20-HETE analogues in experimental renal ischemia reperfusion injury. (Regner KR, Zuk A, Van Why SK, Shames BD, Ryan RP, Falck JR, Manthati VL, McMullen ME, Ledbetter SR, Roman RJ) Kidney Int 2009 Mar;75(5):511-7 PMID: 19052533 PMCID: PMC2643317 12/05/2008
  • Oxidant-mediated apoptosis in proximal tubular epithelial cells following ATP depletion and recovery. (Maenpaa CJ, Shames BD, Van Why SK, Johnson CP, Nilakantan V) Free Radic Biol Med 2008 Feb 15;44(4):518-26 PMID: 17997382 11/13/2007
  • Favorable balance of anti-oxidant/pro-oxidant systems and ablated oxidative stress in Brown Norway rats in renal ischemia-reperfusion injury. (Nilakantan V, Hilton G, Maenpaa C, Van Why SK, Pieper GM, Johnson CP, Shames BD) Mol Cell Biochem 2007 Oct;304(1-2):1-11 PMID: 17458515 04/27/2007
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  • Prevention of acute ischemic renal failure by targeted delivery of growth factors to the proximal tubule in transgenic mice: the efficacy of parathyroid hormone-related protein and hepatocyte growth factor. (Fiaschi-Taesch NM, Santos S, Reddy V, Van Why SK, Philbrick WF, Ortega A, Esbrit P, Orloff JJ, Garcia-Ocaña A) J Am Soc Nephrol 2004 Jan;15(1):112-25 PMID: 14694163 12/25/2003
  • Hsp27 associates with actin and limits injury in energy depleted renal epithelia. (Van Why SK, Mann AS, Ardito T, Thulin G, Ferris S, Macleod MA, Kashgarian M, Siegel NJ) J Am Soc Nephrol 2003 Jan;14(1):98-106 PMID: 12506142 12/31/2002
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  • Pneumothoraces complicating systemic lupus erythematosus with nephritis. (Wilhelm M, Van Why SK) Pediatr Nephrol 2002 Apr;17(4):261-3 PMID: 11956878 04/17/2002
  • Thresholds for cellular disruption and activation of the stress response in renal epithelia. (van Why SK, Kim S, Geibel J, Seebach FA, Kashgarian M, Siegel NJ) Am J Physiol 1999 Aug;277(2 Pt 2):F227-34 PMID: 10444577 08/13/1999
  • Expression and role of parathyroid hormone-related protein in human renal proximal tubule cells during recovery from ATP depletion. (García-Ocaña A, Galbraith SC, Van Why SK, Yang K, Golovyan L, Dann P, Zager RA, Stewart AF, Siegel NJ, Orloff JJ) J Am Soc Nephrol 1999 Feb;10(2):238-44 PMID: 10215322 04/24/1999
  • Heat shock proteins in renal injury and recovery. (Van Why SK, Siegel NJ) Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens 1998 Jul;7(4):407-12 PMID: 9690040 08/05/1998
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  • Severe hypertension without urinary abnormalities in a patient with Henoch-Schönlein purpura. (Whyte DA, Van Why SK, Siegel NJ) Pediatr Nephrol 1997 Dec;11(6):750-1 PMID: 9438659 01/23/1998
  • Activation of heat-shock transcription factor by graded reductions in renal ATP, in vivo, in the rat. (Van Why SK, Mann AS, Thulin G, Zhu XH, Kashgarian M, Siegel NJ) J Clin Invest 1994 Oct;94(4):1518-23 PMID: 7929828 PMCID: PMC295298 10/01/1994
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  • Altered renovascular resistance after spontaneous recovery from hemolytic uremic syndrome. (O'Brien JA, Van Why SK, Keller MS, Gaudio KM, Kennedy TL, Siegel NJ) Yale J Biol Med 1994 Jan-Apr;67(1-2):1-14 PMID: 7645308 PMCID: PMC2590798 01/01/1994
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  • ddAVP does not stimulate acute changes in levels of medullary trimethylamines in humans. (Avison MJ, Van Why SK, Siegel NJ) J Am Soc Nephrol 1993 Dec;4(6):1379-84 PMID: 8130365 12/01/1993
  • Abdominal symptoms as presentation of hypertensive crisis. (Van Why SK, Boydstun II, Gaudio KM, Siegel NJ) Am J Dis Child 1993 Jun;147(6):638-41 PMID: 8506831 06/01/1993
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  • Renal insufficiency after bone marrow transplantation in children. (Van Why SK, Friedman AL, Wei LJ, Hong R) Bone Marrow Transplant 1991 May;7(5):383-8 PMID: 2070148 05/01/1991
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