Medical College of Wisconsin
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Scott Van Valin MD

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Orthopaedic Surgery
Program: Pediatrics


  • Patellar Sleeve Fracture With Ossification of the Patellar Tendon. (Damrow DS, Van Valin SE) Orthopedics 2016 Oct 31:1-3 PMID: 27798714 11/01/2016
  • Anterior cruciate ligament tear in a 7-year-old athlete. (Collins SL, Van Valin SE) Am J Orthop (Belle Mead NJ) 2013 Jan;42(1):33-6 PMID: 23431538 02/23/2013
  • Osteotomies of the foot for cavus deformities in children. (Mubarak SJ, Van Valin SE) J Pediatr Orthop 2009 Apr-May;29(3):294-9 PMID: 19305283 03/24/2009
  • Is the lumbar modifier useful in surgical decision making?: defining two distinct Lenke 1A curve patterns. (Miyanji F, Pawelek JB, Van Valin SE, Upasani VV, Newton PO) Spine (Phila Pa 1976) 2008 Nov 01;33(23):2545-51 PMID: 18923336 10/17/2008
  • Value of the false-profile view to identify screw-tip position during treatment of slipped capital femoral epiphysis. A case report. (Van Valin SE, Wenger DR) J Bone Joint Surg Am 2007 Mar;89(3):643-8 PMID: 17332115 03/03/2007
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