Medical College of Wisconsin
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Suhas H. Phadnis PhD

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Pathology
Division: Administration

Publications (18)

  • Identification of a novel penicillin-binding protein from Helicobacter pylori. (Krishnamurthy P, Parlow MH, Schneider J, Burroughs S, Wickland C, Vakil NB, Dunn BE, Phadnis SH) J Bacteriol 1999 Aug;181(16):5107-10 PMID: 10438788 PMCID: PMC94005 08/10/1999       24 Citations
  • Structure, function and localization of Helicobacter pylori urease. (Dunn BE, Phadnis SH) Yale J Biol Med 1998 Mar-Apr;71(2):63-73 PMID: 10378351 PMCID: PMC2578883 06/23/1999       42 Citations
  • Identification of virulence genes of Helicobacter pylori by random insertion mutagenesis. (Bijlsma JJ, Vandenbroucke-Grauls CM, Phadnis SH, Kusters JG) Infect Immun 1999 May;67(5):2433-40 PMID: 10225906 PMCID: PMC115989 05/04/1999       50 Citations
  • Helicobacter pylori containing only cytoplasmic urease is susceptible to acid. (Krishnamurthy P, Parlow M, Zitzer JB, Vakil NB, Mobley HL, Levy M, Phadnis SH, Dunn BE) Infect Immun 1998 Nov;66(11):5060-6 PMID: 9784504 PMCID: PMC108630 10/24/1998       58 Citations
  • Histidine-based zinc-binding sequences and the antimicrobial activity of calprotectin. (Loomans HJ, Hahn BL, Li QQ, Phadnis SH, Sohnle PG) J Infect Dis 1998 Mar;177(3):812-4 PMID: 9498472 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-0031934940 03/14/1998       89 Citations
  • Localization of Helicobacter pylori urease and heat shock protein in human gastric biopsies. (Dunn BE, Vakil NB, Schneider BG, Miller MM, Zitzer JB, Peutz T, Phadnis SH) Infect Immun 1997 Apr;65(4):1181-8 PMID: 9119449 PMCID: PMC175115 04/01/1997       124 Citations
  • Surface localization of Helicobacter pylori urease and a heat shock protein homolog requires bacterial autolysis. (Phadnis SH, Parlow MH, Levy M, Ilver D, Caulkins CM, Connors JB, Dunn BE) Infect Immun 1996 Mar;64(3):905-12 PMID: 8641799 PMCID: PMC173855 03/01/1996       256 Citations
  • Pathological significance and molecular characterization of the vacuolating toxin gene of Helicobacter pylori. (Phadnis SH, Ilver D, Janzon L, Normark S, Westblom TU) Infect Immun 1994 May;62(5):1557-65 PMID: 8168917 PMCID: PMC186356 05/01/1994       207 Citations
  • Molecular cloning of Helicobacter pylori DNA: important differences between mcrBC deletion host strains. (Phadnis SH, Westblom TU, Normark S) Mol Microbiol 1993 Dec;10(5):1151 PMID: 7934864 12/01/1993       13 Citations
  • Transposon Tn5supF-based reverse genetic method for mutational analysis of Escherichia coli with DNAs cloned in lambda phage. (Phadnis SH, Kulakauskas S, Krishnan BR, Hiemstra J, Berg DE) J Bacteriol 1991 Jan;173(2):896-9 PMID: 1846153 PMCID: PMC207086 01/01/1991       8 Citations
  • Intramolecular transposition by a synthetic IS50 (Tn5) derivative. (Tomcsanyi T, Berg CM, Phadnis SH, Berg DE) J Bacteriol 1990 Nov;172(11):6348-54 PMID: 2172212 PMCID: PMC526819 11/01/1990       14 Citations
  • Tn5supF, a 264-base-pair transposon derived from Tn5 for insertion mutagenesis and sequencing DNAs cloned in phage lambda. (Phadnis SH, Huang HV, Berg DE) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1989 Aug;86(15):5908-12 PMID: 2548192 PMCID: PMC297740 08/01/1989       30 Citations
  • Identification of base pairs in the outside end of insertion sequence IS50 that are needed for IS50 and Tn5 transposition. (Phadnis SH, Berg DE) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1987 Dec;84(24):9118-22 PMID: 2827168 PMCID: PMC299703 12/01/1987       23 Citations
  • Localization of action of the IS50-encoded transposase protein. (Phadnis SH, Sasakawa C, Berg DE) Genetics 1986 Mar;112(3):421-7 PMID: 3007274 PMCID: PMC1202754 03/01/1986       6 Citations
  • Sequences essential for IS50 transposition. The first base-pair. (Sasakawa C, Phadnis SH, Carle GF, Berg DE) J Mol Biol 1985 Apr 20;182(4):487-93 PMID: 2989531 04/20/1985       7 Citations
  • recA-independent recombination between repeated IS50 elements is not caused by an IS50-encoded function. (Phadnis SH, Berg DE) J Bacteriol 1985 Mar;161(3):928-32 PMID: 2982795 PMCID: PMC214986 03/01/1985       4 Citations
  • Transposon Tn5: specific sequence recognition and conservative transposition. (Berg DE, Lodge J, Sasakawa C, Nag DK, Phadnis SH, Weston-Hafer K, Carle GF) Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol 1984;49:215-26 PMID: 6099236 01/01/1984       9 Citations
  • Construction of a gene library from the nitrogen-fixing aerobe Azotobacter vinelandii. (Medhora M, Phadnis SH, Das HK) Gene 1983 Nov;25(2-3):355-60 PMID: 6319242 11/01/1983       6 Citations
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