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Thangam Venkatesan MD

Thangam Venkatesan MD


Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Medicine
Division: Gastroenterology
Program: Administration

Leadership Positions

  • Chief Medical Advisor Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association
  • Communications Committe Member
  • Faculty Development Committee Member
  • Publications

  • Recent Trends in Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome - Associated Hospitalizations with Liberalization of Cannabis Use in the State of Colorado. (Bhandari S, Jha P, Lisdahl KM, Hillard CJ, Venkatesan T) Intern Med J 2018 Nov 13 PMID: 30426628 11/15/2018    
  • Migraine, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, and Other Gastrointestinal Disorders. (Yu ES, Priyadharsini S S Y, Venkatesan T) Curr Treat Options Gastroenterol 2018 Dec;16(4):511-527 PMID: 30361855 10/27/2018    
  • Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome in Children and Adults: What Is New in 2018? (Kovacic K, Sood M, Venkatesan T) Curr Gastroenterol Rep 2018 Aug 29;20(10):46 PMID: 30159612 08/31/2018    
  • Cyclic vomiting syndrome: epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment. (Bhandari S, Jha P, Thakur A, Kar A, Gerdes H, Venkatesan T) Clin Auton Res 2018 Apr;28(2):203-209 PMID: 29442203 02/15/2018    
  • Depression, young age, chronic marijuana use, and interepisodic symptoms predict psychological distress in patients with cyclic vomiting syndrome. (Taranukha T, Charan Suresh Kumar V, Seamon A, Sahr N, Szabo A, Venkatesan T) Neurogastroenterol Motil 2018 Apr;30(4):e13245 PMID: 29152814 PMCID: PMC5878695 11/21/2017    
  • Letter to the Editor. (Bhandari S, Venkatesan T) Epilepsy Behav 2017 07;72:203-204 PMID: 28551300 05/30/2017    
  • Cannabinoid Receptor Type 1 and mu-Opioid Receptor Polymorphisms Are Associated With Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. (Wasilewski A, Lewandowska U, Mosinska P, Watala C, Storr M, Fichna J, Venkatesan T) Am J Gastroenterol 2017 Jun;112(6):933-939 PMID: 28349993 03/30/2017       6 Citations
  • Clinical Characteristics, Comorbidities and Hospital Outcomes in Hospitalizations with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome: A Nationwide Analysis. (Bhandari S, Venkatesan T) Dig Dis Sci 2017 08;62(8):2035-2044 PMID: 28050780 01/05/2017       8 Citations
  • Novel Treatments for Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome: Beyond Ondansetron and Amitriptyline. (Bhandari S, Venkatesan T) Curr Treat Options Gastroenterol 2016 Dec;14(4):495-506 PMID: 27757817 10/21/2016    
  • Marijuana users do not have increased healthcare utilization: A National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) study. (Bhandari S, Hillard CJ, Venkatesan T) Eur J Intern Med 2016 Oct;34:e9-e10 PMID: 27499177 08/09/2016       2 Citations
  • Endocannabinoid-related lipids are increased during an episode of cyclic vomiting syndrome. (Venkatesan T, Zadvornova Y, Raff H, Hillard CJ) Neurogastroenterol Motil 2016 Sep;28(9):1409-18 PMID: 27098832 PMCID: PMC5002231 04/22/2016       10 Citations
  • In-vivo oesophageal regeneration in a human being by use of a non-biological scaffold and extracellular matrix. (Dua KS, Hogan WJ, Aadam AA, Gasparri M) Lancet 2016 Jul 02;388(10039):55-61 PMID: 27068836 04/14/2016       20 Citations
  • Quantitative pedigree analysis and mitochondrial DNA sequence variants in adults with cyclic vomiting syndrome. (Venkatesan T, Zaki EA, Kumar N, Sengupta J, Ali M, Malik B, Szabo A, van Tilburg MA, Boles RG) BMC Gastroenterol 2014 Oct 21;14:181 PMID: 25332060 PMCID: PMC4287476 10/22/2014       5 Citations
  • An Internet survey of marijuana and hot shower use in adults with cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS). (Venkatesan T, Sengupta J, Lodhi A, Schroeder A, Adams K, Hogan WJ, Wang Y, Andrews C, Storr M) Exp Brain Res 2014 Aug;232(8):2563-70 PMID: 24792504 PMCID: PMC4641512 05/06/2014       17 Citations
  • Irritable bowel syndrome may be associated with maternal inheritance and mitochondrial DNA control region sequence variants. (van Tilburg MA, Zaki EA, Venkatesan T, Boles RG) Dig Dis Sci 2014 Jul;59(7):1392-7 PMID: 24500451 PMCID: PMC4071137 02/07/2014       5 Citations
  • Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS): is there a difference based on onset of symptoms--pediatric versus adult? (Kumar N, Bashar Q, Reddy N, Sengupta J, Ananthakrishnan A, Schroeder A, Hogan WJ, Venkatesan T) BMC Gastroenterol 2012 May 28;12:52 PMID: 22639867 PMCID: PMC3443054 05/30/2012       28 Citations
  • Autonomic nerve function in adults with cyclic vomiting syndrome: a prospective study. (Venkatesan T, Prieto T, Barboi A, Li B, Schroeder A, Hogan W, Ananthakrishnan A, Jaradeh S) Neurogastroenterol Motil 2010 Dec;22(12):1303-7, e339 PMID: 20667005 07/30/2010       28 Citations
  • A survey of emergency department use in patients with cyclic vomiting syndrome. (Venkatesan T, Tarbell S, Adams K, McKanry J, Barribeau T, Beckmann K, Hogan WJ, Kumar N, Li BU) BMC Emerg Med 2010 Feb 24;10:4 PMID: 20181253 PMCID: PMC2841069 02/26/2010       23 Citations
  • Probiotic Prophylaxis in Predicted Severe Acute Pancreatitis: A Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial. (Venkatesan T) Nutr Clin Pract 2008 Dec;23(6):662-663 PMID: 29130865 12/01/2008    
  • Colorectal cancer screening among midwestern community-based residents: indicators of success. (Matthews BA, Nattinger AB, Venkatesan T, Shaker R) J Community Health 2007 Apr;32(2):103-20 PMID: 17571524 06/19/2007       7 Citations
  • Objective risk, subjective risk, and colorectal cancer screening among a clinic sample. (Matthews BA, Nattinger AB, Venkatesan T, Shaker R, Anderson RC) Psychol Health Med 2007 Mar;12(2):135-47 PMID: 17365894 03/17/2007       4 Citations
  • Prevalence and predictors of severity as defined by atlanta criteria among patients presenting with acute pancreatitis. (Venkatesan T, Moulton JS, Ulrich CD 2nd, Martin SP) Pancreas 2003 Mar;26(2):107-10 PMID: 12604905 02/27/2003       19 Citations
  • Recurrent acute pancreatitis: an algorithmic approach to identification and elimination of inciting factors. (Somogyi L, Martin SP, Venkatesan T, Ulrich CD 2nd) Gastroenterology 2001 Feb;120(3):708-17 PMID: 11179245 02/17/2001       88 Citations
  • Prevalence and predictors of severe acute pancreatitis in patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). (Manocha AP, Sossenheimer M, Martin SP, Sherman KE, Venkatesan T, Whitcomb DC, Ulrich CD 2nd) Am J Gastroenterol 1999 Mar;94(3):784-9 PMID: 10086666 03/23/1999       14 Citations
  • Venkatesan et al. reply. (Venkatesan T, Gozdz AS, Wu X, Dijkkamp D) Phys Rev Lett 1988 Jan 25;60(4):382 PMID: 10038531 01/25/1988    
  • "A Case of Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis or Scalded skin Syndrome". (Venkatesan TV) Indian J Dermatol Venereol 1971 Mar-Apr;37(2):72-74 PMID: 29154328 03/01/1971    
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