Medical College of Wisconsin
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Yogita Segon MD

Director, Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Medicine
Division: General Internal Medicine
Program: Perioperative Medicine

Publications (3)

  • Does knowledge of time of discharge increase timeliness of discharge order placement? (Segon Y, Segon A, Lamb G) Journal of General Internal Medicine 12/21/2018    
  • Effect of a rapid response team on patient outcomes in a community-based teaching hospital. (Segon A, Ahmad S, Segon Y, Kumar V, Friedman H, Ali M) J Grad Med Educ 2014 Mar;6(1):61-4 PMID: 24701312 PMCID: PMC3963796 04/05/2014    
  • Targeted nonviral gene-based inhibition of Gα(i/o)-mediated vagal signaling in the posterior left atrium decreases vagal-induced atrial fibrillation. (Aistrup GL, Cokic I, Ng J, Gordon D, Koduri H, Browne S, Arapi D, Segon Y, Goldstein J, Angulo A, Wasserstrom JA, Goldberger JJ, Kadish AH, Arora R) Heart Rhythm 2011 Nov;8(11):1722-9 PMID: 21689540 PMCID: PMC3570566 06/22/2011       25 Citations
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