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A biophysically based mathematical model for the kinetics of mitochondrial calcium uniporter. Biophys J 2009 Feb 18;96(4):1318-32



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Ca2+ transport through mitochondrial Ca2+ uniporter is the primary Ca2+ uptake mechanism in respiring mitochondria. Thus, the uniporter plays a key role in regulating mitochondrial Ca2+. Despite the importance of mitochondrial Ca2+ to metabolic regulation and mitochondrial function, and to cell physiology and pathophysiology, the structure and composition of the uniporter functional unit and kinetic mechanisms associated with Ca2+ transport into mitochondria are still not well understood. In this study, based on available experimental data on the kinetics of Ca2+ transport via the uniporter, a mechanistic kinetic model of the uniporter is introduced. The model is thermodynamically balanced and satisfactorily describes a large number of independent data sets in the literature on initial or pseudo-steady-state influx rates of Ca2+ via the uniporter measured under a wide range of experimental conditions. The model is derived assuming a multi-state catalytic binding and Eyring's free-energy barrier theory-based transformation mechanisms associated with the carrier-mediated facilitated transport and electrodiffusion. The model is a great improvement over the previous theoretical models of mitochondrial Ca2+ uniporter in the literature in that it is thermodynamically balanced and matches a large number of independently published data sets on mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake. This theoretical model will be critical in developing mechanistic, integrated models of mitochondrial Ca2+ handling and bioenergetics which can be helpful in understanding the mechanisms by which Ca2+ plays a role in mediating signaling pathways and modulating mitochondrial energy metabolism.

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Dash RK, Qi F, Beard DA


Ranjan K. Dash PhD Professor in the Biomedical Engineering department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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