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Decreases in steady-state muscle performance and vessel density in reduced renal mass hypertensive rats. Am J Physiol 1996 Feb;270(2 Pt 2):H661-7 PMID: 8779843


In this study we hypothesized that reduced renal mass (RRM) hypertension, which is associated with a chronic reduction in vessel density, could reduce steady-state muscle performance. Vessel density and isometric tetanic force from the in situ gastrocnemius-plantaris-soleus muscle group were studied in age-matched normotensive sham-operated control (HSS) and hypertensive RRM rats on a high-salt (4.0% NaCl) diet (HSRRM) and a low-salt (0.4% NaCl) diet (LSS and LSRRM, respectively). The Achilles tendon was isolated and connected to a force transducer. Peak isometric tension elicited by sciatic nerve stimulation (1/s for 10 min, 50 impulses/s for 330 ms) was not different between the groups. In the LSS, HSS, and LSRRM groups, tension decreased similarly at 3 min to 375 +/- 22, 447 +/- 26, and 424 +/- 21 g/g, respectively. Tension was significantly reduced in the HSRRM group (203 +/- 45 g/g) relative to the LSS, HSS, and LSRRM groups by 3 min. These differences in steady-state tension persisted throughout the remainder of the experiment. Microvessel density, measured by the lectin fluorescence technique, was reduced significantly only in the soleus, plantaris, and medial gastrocnemius of the HSRRM rats. We conclude that RRM hypertension results in reductions in vessel density (rarefaction) that are associated with decreased steady-state muscle performance.

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O'Drobinak DM, Greene AS


Andrew S. Greene PhD Interim Vice Chair, Chief, Professor in the Biomedical Engineering department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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Blood Pressure
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