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Disease-free and overall survival after cryosurgical monotherapy for clinical stages B and C carcinoma of the prostate: a 20-year followup. J Urol 1997 Oct;158(4):1466-9 PMID: 9302144

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PURPOSE: We attempt to provide insight into the historical efficacy of cryosurgical monotherapy for prostate carcinoma through a single institution, retrospective, long-term followup.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: From 1973 to 1977, 66 men underwent cryosurgical monotherapy for prostate carcinoma. Patient charts were reviewed to determine age, clinical stage, tumor grade, and progression-free, overall and cause specific survival status.

RESULTS: Of 51 patients 47 to 81 years old (mean age 67.2) with clinically localized carcinoma 11 had clinical stage B and 40 had stage C disease. Tumor grade was well differentiated in 11 cases, moderately differentiated in 26, poorly differentiated in 11 and undetermined in 3. Recurrence was documented in 40 of the 51 men (78.4%) as local in 34 and unspecified in 6. Following recurrence all patients were treated with adjuvant therapy. All but 2 patients were followed until death with a mean followup of 93.7 months. Of the 51 men 24 (47.1%) died of disease and 17 (33.3%) died of an unspecified cause. Kaplan-Meier analysis demonstrated median overall progression-free survival of 34 months and median overall survival of 75 months. Median progression-free survival by grade was 34 months for well differentiated, 36 for moderately differentiated and 14 for poorly differentiated disease (p = 0.0288), and 57 for stage B and 30 for stage C disease (p = 0.0377). Median overall survival by grade was 114 months for well differentiated, 80 for moderately differentiated and 82 for poorly differentiated disease (p = 0.4437), and 60 months for stage B and 78.5 for stage C disease (p = 0.4915).

CONCLUSIONS: As performed in this series cryosurgery was poorly effective for local control of prostatic carcinoma. Stage and grade correlated with the duration of tumor response but not with overall survival.

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Porter MP, Ahaghotu CA, Loening SA, See WA


William A. See MD Chair, Professor in the Urologic Surgery department at Medical College of Wisconsin


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