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School-based/school-linked health centers expanding points of access. WMJ 2000 Jan-Feb;99(1):44-7



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Health providers and leaders in urban Milwaukee collectively acted to expand school-based health services to children attending Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS). This School-Based/School-Linked Health Centers' (SB/SLHCs) Collaboration was initiated to increase points of access for children, primarily to working-poor families, through mobilizing community resources among local leaders and statewide health systems. Systematic steps such as needs assessment, sharing data, seeking funds and prioritization of school-based sites facilitated the establishment of more than 30 additional SB/SLHCs. This has resulted in approximate 700% increase in school-based health care and health promotion services. This collaboration illustrates how communities and health care systems can effectively advocate and impact local services to benefit a population having high social risk factors. As welfare reform efforts evolve, SB/SLHCs have significantly advanced access to mainstream health services through effective local collaborations.

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Willis E


Earnestine Willis MD, MPH Chief, Professor in the Pediatrics department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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Health Services Accessibility
Needs Assessment
School Health Services
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