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Macrophages and epithelial cells respond differently to the Pseudomonas aeruginosa type III secretion system. Infect Immun 1999 Jun;67(6):3151-4 PMID: 10338535 PMCID: PMC96636

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The multiple effects of Pseudomonas aeruginosa type III secretion have largely been attributed to variations in cytotoxin expression between strains. Here we show that the target cell type is also important. While lung epithelial cells showed significant changes in morphology but not viability when infected with P. aeruginosa, macrophages were efficiently killed by P. aeruginosa. Both responses were dependent on the type III secretion system.

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Coburn J, Frank DW


Jenifer Coburn PhD Professor in the Medicine department at Medical College of Wisconsin
Dara W. Frank PhD Professor in the Microbiology and Immunology department at Medical College of Wisconsin


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3T3 Cells
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Epithelial Cells
Mice, Inbred A
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Tumor Cells, Cultured
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