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Computation of unmeasured third-generation VCT views from measured views. IEEE Trans Med Imaging 2002 Jul;21(7):801-13 PMID: 12374317

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We compute unmeasured cone-beam projections from projections measured by a third-generation helical volumetric computed tomography system by solving a characteristic problem for an ultrahyperbolic differential equation [John (1938)]. By working in the Fourier domain, we convert the second-order PDE into a family of first-order ordinary differential equations. A simple first-order integration is used to solve the ODEs.

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Patch SK


Sarah K. Patch PhD Associate Professor in the Physics department at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee


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Computer Simulation
Fourier Analysis
Imaging, Three-Dimensional
Phantoms, Imaging
Radiographic Image Enhancement
Sensitivity and Specificity
Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted
Tomography, Spiral Computed
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