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Development of an instrument to measure technology acceptance among homecare patients with heart disease. AMIA Annu Symp Proc 2006:1053 PMID: 17238672 PMCID: PMC1839722


To monitor the experience of participants in a field evaluation of a home care Web support service we developed a survey to measure patient technology acceptance. Predictors of the acceptance model were selected from the technology acceptance literature. Cognitive interviewing was used to improve the validity of the survey items. We also describe the methods used to develop the survey.

Author List

Calvin KL, Severtson DJ, Karsh BT, Brennan PF, Casper GR, Sebern M, Burke LJ


Margaret Sebern PhD Assistant Professor in the Nursing department at Marquette University

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Attitude to Computers
Health Care Surveys
Heart Diseases
Home Care Services
Patient Acceptance of Health Care

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