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Variable Myocardial Response to Load Stresses in Infants with Single Left Ventricular Anatomy: Influence of Initial Physiology and Surgical Palliative Strategy. Pediatr Cardiol 2016 Dec;37(8):1569-1574



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Initial surgical strategies in neonates with single left ventricular (LV) anatomy vary based on adequacy of pulmonary and systemic blood flow. Differing myocardial responses to these strategies, as reflected in indices of systolic function, ventricular size, and mass have not been well defined. We sought to evaluate single LV myocardial response to varied physiology and initial palliation and determine whether the response is consistent and predictable. Infants with single LV physiology were divided based on neonatal palliation: no palliation/PA band (NO); BT shunt only (BT); or Norwood procedure (NP). Echo measures were obtained at presentation, early post-bidirectional Glenn (BDG), late post-BDG follow-up, and post-Fontan procedure. Measures included ejection fraction, LV mass indexed to height2.7 and end diastolic volume indexed to body surface area, and mass/volume ratio. The cohort included 38 children (13 NO, 13 BT, 12 NP). Ejection fraction was similar but depressed in all groups at all stages. LV mass was higher in the NP group than the BT group at early post-BDG (p = 0.03) and higher than both BT and NO groups (p < 0.01) at late post-BDG, but the difference was resolved by post-Fontan follow-up. The NP group had the most remarkable remodeling in LV size from BDG to Fontan, suggesting that volume unloading is most valuable in this subgroup. Ventricular remodeling can be identified by echocardiography in children with single LV physiology, despite variable initial surgical palliative strategies. Importantly, these initial surgical strategies do not result in significant differences after Fontan palliation during early childhood.

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Horriat NL, Deatsman SL, Stelter J, Frommelt PC, Hill GD


Peter C. Frommelt MD Professor in the Pediatrics department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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