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Publications indexed to the term Cardiac Complexes, Premature

1Selective beta 1 and beta 2 adrenoceptor blockade on epinephrine-induced arrhythmias in halothane anaesthetized dogs. (Hayashi Y, Sumikawa K, Kamibayashi T, Yamatodani A, Mammoto T, Kuro M, Yoshiya I) Can J Anaesth 1992 Oct;39(8):873-6
1Role of extrastimulus site and tachycardia cycle length in inducibility of atrial preexcitation by premature ventricular stimulation during reciprocating tachycardia. (Benditt DG, Benson DW Jr, Dunnigan A, Gornick GC, Ring WS, Almquist A, Tobler HG, Milstein S) Am J Cardiol 1987 Oct 01;60(10):811-9
1The force-interval relationship of the left ventricle. (Anderson PA, Manring A, Serwer GA, Benson DW, Edwards SB, Armstrong BE, Sterba RJ, Floyd RD) Circulation 1979 Aug;60(2):334-48
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