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Publications indexed to the term Peptide Hormones

1Hypoglycemia unawareness prevention: Targeting glucagon production. (Samson WK, Stein LM, Elrick M, Salvatori A, Kolar G, Corbett JA, Yosten GL) Physiol Behav 2016 08 01;162:147-50       5 Citations
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1The implications of Helicobacter pylori infection for gastroesophageal reflux disease: studies presented at Digestive Disease Week 2003. (Massey BT) Curr Gastroenterol Rep 2004 Jun;6(3):191-5       1 Citations
1Ghrelin inhibits proinflammatory responses and nuclear factor-kappaB activation in human endothelial cells. (Li WG, Gavrila D, Liu X, Wang L, Gunnlaugsson S, Stoll LL, McCormick ML, Sigmund CD, Tang C, Weintraub NL) Circulation 2004 May 11;109(18):2221-6       403 Citations
1Total and active ghrelin in developing rats during hypoxia. (Raff H) Endocrine 2003 Jul;21(2):159-61       23 Citations
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