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Publications with gamblin in the title

1Externalizing psychopathology and gain-loss feedback in a simulated gambling task: dissociable components of brain response revealed by time-frequency analysis. (Bernat EM, Nelson LD, Steele VR, Gehring WJ, Patrick CJ) J Abnorm Psychol 2011 May;120(2):352-64    
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1Time-frequency theta and delta measures index separable components of feedback processing in a gambling task. (Bernat EM, Nelson LD, Baskin-Sommers AR) Psychophysiology 2015 May;52(5):626-37       25 Citations
1Reduced P300 amplitude in criminal psychopathy is related to externalizing tendencies: Evidence from a simulated gambling task (Venables, N. C., Jobelius, J. L., Nelson, L. D., Bernat, E. M., & Patrick, C. J.) Psychophysiology 46, S110    
1Alcohol placebo selectively increases the feedback-related negativity in a gambling task. (Nelson, L. D., Bernat, E. M., Lang, A. R., & Patrick, C. J. ) Psychophysiology 46, S97    
1Loss and error information impact feedback-locked brain potentials in a gambling task (Nelson, L. D., Bernat, E. M., Holroyd, C. B., Gehring, W. J., & Patrick, C. J. ) International Journal of Psychophysiology 69(3)    
1Influence of reward context on the feedback-related negativity and P300 in a simulated gambling task (Nelson, L. D., Kane, L. A., Bernat, E. M, & Patrick, C. J.) Psychophysiology 45, S60    
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