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Kruppel-like transcription factor 13 regulates T lymphocyte survival in vivo. J Immunol 2007 May 01;178(9):5496-504



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Krüppel-like transcription factor (KLF)13, previously shown to regulate RANTES expression in vitro, is a member of the Krüppel- like family of transcription factors that controls many growth and developmental processes. To ascertain the function of KLF13 in vivo, Klf13-deficient mice were generated by gene targeting. As expected, activated T lymphocytes from Klf13(-/-) mice show decreased RANTES expression. However, these mice also exhibit enlarged thymi and spleens. TUNEL, as well as spontaneous and activation-induced death assays, demonstrated that prolonged survival of Klf13(-/-) thymocytes was due to decreased apoptosis. Microarray analysis suggests that protection from apoptosis-inducing stimuli in Klf13(-/-) thymocytes is due in part to increased expression of BCL-X(L), a potent antiapoptotic factor. This finding was confirmed in splenocytes and total thymocytes by real-time quantitative PCR and Western blot as well as in CD4+CD8- single-positive thymocytes by real-time quantitative PCR. Furthermore, EMSA and luciferase reporter assays demonstrated that KLF13 binds to multiple sites within the Bcl-X(L) promoter and results in decreased Bcl-X(L) promoter activity, making KLF13 a negative regulator of BCL-X(L).

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Zhou M, McPherson L, Feng D, Song A, Dong C, Lyu SC, Zhou L, Shi X, Ahn YT, Wang D, Clayberger C, Krensky AM


Demin Wang PhD Assistant Professor in the Microbiology and Immunology department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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