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High-affinity sigma-1 (σ1) receptor ligands based on the σ1 antagonist PB212. Future Med Chem 2019 Oct;11(19):2547-2562



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Aim: The σ1 receptor is a druggable target involved in many physiological processes and diseases. To clarify its physiology and derive therapeutic benefit, nine analogs based on the σ1 antagonist PB212 were synthesized replacing the 4-methylpiperidine with basic moieties of varying size and degree of conformational freedom. Results & methodology: 3-Phenylpyrrolidine, 4-phenylpiperidine or granatane derivatives displayed the highest affinity (Ki.#x00A0;= 0.12, 0.31 or 1.03 nM). Calcium flux assays in MCF7σ1 cells indicated that the highest σ1 receptor affinity are σ1 antagonists. Molecular models provided a structural basis for understanding the σ1 affinity and functional activity of the analogs and incorporated Glennon's σ1 pharmacophore model. Conclusion: Herein, we identify new compounds exploitable as therapeutic drug leads or as tools to study σ1 receptor physiology.

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Niso M, Mosier PD, Marottoli R, Ferorelli S, Cassano G, Gasparre G, Leopoldo M, Berardi F, Abate C


Philip Mosier PhD Assistant Professor in the School of Pharmacy Administration department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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