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An Interdisciplinary Sexual Health Rehabilitation Program for Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury: Case Reports Sexuality and Disability




Despite the prominence of sexual health concerns in the spinal cord injury (SCI) population, education regarding sexual functioning and related matters is not well integrated into rehabilitation processes or ongoing care in SCI. Conceptual sexual health care frameworks encompass a range of biopsychosocial factors and recommend utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to meet the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities. Yet, it is rare to have a truly integrated treatment team dedicated to sexual health and functioning in SCI rehabilitative settings. The program described in this article attempts to align itself with proposed recommendations regarding sexual health assessment, intervention, education, and provision of resources for those living with SCI. The aim is to provide individualized and better-coordinated sexual health interventions specific to the cultural, religious, physical, emotional, cognitive, sexual orientation, and gender identity needs of the patients served. Three case reports illustrate how the interdisciplinary sexual health rehabilitation program operated. A review of program challenges and future directions are also discussed.

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Brundage, J.A., Williams, R.D., Powell, K., Raab, J., Engler, C., Rosin, N., & Sepahpanah, F.


Jessica A. Brundage PhD Assistant Professor in the Psychiatry department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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