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The ABS brachytherapy schools. Brachytherapy 2020 Sep 11



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The American Brachytherapy Society brachytherapy schools have been pivotal in teaching and evolving the art of brachytherapy over the past decades. Founded in 1995, the schools have consistently provided content for the major disease sites including gynecologic, prostate, and breast with ocular, vascular, head and neck, pediatric, intraluminal, systemic, and intraoperative approaches more selectively addressed. In addition, Physics schools, either coupled with clinical schools or as stand-alone venues, have provided an essential educational component for practicing physicists, a pivotal part of the brachytherapy team. Celebrating 25 years in existence, this historical overview of the American Brachytherapy Society brachytherapy schools is a tribute to the many teachers who have shared their expertise, to the many students who have been enthusiastic and interactive participants, and the staff who have made it all possible, with the reward of perpetuating the important and timely art of brachytherapy.

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Erickson B, Crook J, Vicini F, Arthur D, Ouhib Z, Thomadsen B, Bice W, Butler WM, Petereit DG, Viswanathan AN


Beth A. Erickson MD Professor in the Radiation Oncology department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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