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Can patients find an Endocrine Surgeon? How hospital websites hide the expertise of these medical professionals. Am J Surg 2021 Jan;221(1):101-105



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BACKGROUND: With information on healthcare providers available on the internet, patient self-referral has become popular. This study serves to evaluate the ease with which patients can locate an Endocrine Surgeon using hospital websites.

METHODS: Websites of the 16 top academic hospitals from The US News and World Report's Hospital Rankings for 2018-2019 were accessed. Each "Find A Doctor" page was searched for: "thyroid nodule," "hyperparathyroidism," and "adrenal mass." Data for suggested providers was collected and analyzed.

RESULTS: Search results for "thyroid nodule" found Endocrine Surgeons as the predominant providers at 6% institutions, 25% suggested none. For "hyperparathyroidism," 31% institutions suggested a majority of Endocrine Surgeons, 19% suggested none. For "adrenal mass," 25% had Endocrine Surgeons as the predominant providers, 31% suggested none.

CONCLUSION: The majority of hospitals did not suggest Endocrine Surgeons as the predominant providers for the queried conditions, demonstrating the challenge patients face in finding an Endocrine Surgeon through hospital websites.

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Gentry ZL, Ananthasekar S, Yeatts M, Chen H, Dream S


Sophie Y. Dream MD Assistant Professor in the Surgery department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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