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Rapid Emergency Department Physical Space Modifications for COVID-19: Keeping Patients and Health Care Workers Safe. Disaster Med Public Health Prep 2021 Aug 04:1-4



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The COVID-19 pandemic has placed significant strain on emergency departments (EDs) that were not designed to care for many patients who may be highly contagious. This report outlines how a busy urban ED was adapted to prepare for COVID-19 via 3 primary interventions: (1) creating an open-air care space in the ambulance bay to cohort, triage, and rapidly test patients with suspected COVID-19, (2) quickly constructing temporary doors on all open treatment rooms, and (3) adapting and expanding the waiting room. This description serves as a model by which other EDs can repurpose their own care spaces to help ensure safety of their patients and health care workers.

Author List

Wessling EG, Randolph AH, Neill LA, Gandhi KR, Conrardy M, Chodakowski JD, Kippenhan M, Loftus TM, Malik S


Michael Conrardy MD Assistant Professor in the Emergency Medicine department at Medical College of Wisconsin