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Development and Assessment of a Low Literacy, Pictographic Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Action Plan. J Pediatr 2022 Mar;242:174-183.e1



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OBJECTIVE: To develop and assess an evidence-based, individualized Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Action Plan (CVSAP) to optimize both preventative and acute care.

STUDY DESIGN: This implementation science project synthesized a combination of clinical practice guidelines, published literature, and clinical experience by a team of CVS clinicians to develop the CVSAP. The tool was developed to include validated pictograms and an automatic, embedded, weight-based dosing calculator to output acute management recommendations. The final version of the CVSAP was tested by patients/caregivers, readability calculators, medical librarians, and clinicians using validated metrics.

RESULTS: All pictograms met the criteria for inclusion in the CVSAP. A composite readability score of 5.32 was consistent with a fifth-grade level. Patients/caregivers (n = 70) judged the CVSAP to be of high quality with consumer information rating form rating of 84.2%. Six medical librarians rated the CVSAP to have 93% understandability and 100% actionability, and 33 clinicians completing the SAM generated a suitability rating of 87.5%.

CONCLUSIONS: The CVSAP visually highlights individualized care plan components to facilitate optimized preventative and acute CVS care. Further investigation will determine if CVSAP increases caregiver confidence and compliance in home management and improves quality of life and clinical outcomes for patients with CVS.

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Reeves PT, Kovacic K, Rogers PL, Sanghavi R, Levinthal DJ, Echelmeyer S, Li BUK


Katja K. Karrento MD Associate Professor in the Pediatrics department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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