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'It's Not What You Said, It's How You Said It': Perceptions of Condom Proposers by Gender and Strategy. Sex Roles 2010 May 01;62(9-10):603-614



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We examined effects of proposer gender and condom negotiation strategy on perceptions of condom proposers in undergraduates in the southwestern regions of the US. Using a video manipulation (N=150), a female proposer was evaluated no more harshly than a male proposer, and was evaluated more positively in some ways. In a vignette manipulation (N=193) a female proposer using an Eroticization negotiation strategy (compared to Refusal of sex or Explanation of consequences) was seen as more exciting and likely to engage in sex. Surprisingly, women were harsher judges than men of a female condom proposer using an Eroticization strategy. Greater attention should be paid to the nature of condom negotiation within the framework of the sexual script.

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Broaddus MR, Morris H, Bryan AD


Michelle R. Broaddus PhD Associate Professor in the Psychiatry department at Medical College of Wisconsin