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Cholesterol metabolism by purified cytochrome P-450scc is highly stimulated by octyl glucoside and stearic acid exclusively in large unilamellar phospholipid vesicles. Biochemistry 1989 Oct 17;28(21):8397-402



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Cholesterol side-chain cleavage (CSCC) catalyzed by purified bovine adrenal mitochondrial cytochrome P-450scc is highly dependent on the vesicles that supply cholesterol. Six-fold higher rates are achieved with large unilamellar dioleoylphosphatidylcholine vesicles (diameter 150 nm) prepared by octyl glucoside (OG) dialysis (DOPC-LUV) than with small sonicated vesicles (diameter 30 nm) (DOPC-SUV) (Vmax = 25 and 4 min-1, respectively. Extensive dialysis that may remove OG decreased Vmax rates for DOPC-LUV almost to rates seen with DOPC-SUV. These dialyzed DOPC-LUV were, however, very sensitive to addition of OG (EC50 = 2.5 microM, 4.3-fold stimulation) while DOPC-SUV were only weakly affected (EC50 = 100 microM, 1.6-fold stimulation). This enhancement of CSCC in LUV by OG only occurred when the cholesterol:DOPC exceeded 0.1 and was associated with a 15-fold increase in the Km for cholesterol. Structural changes in both SUV and LUV at high cholesterol:DOPC ratios (0.1-1) were indicated by decreases in internal volume that were insensitive to OG and did not affect the external diameters. Stearic acid produced a similar stimulation of CSCC in LUV (EC50 = 50 microM) and had no effect on SUV. The Vmax for CSCC, produced by OG activation of DOPC-LUV, is comparable to the highest attained for cytochrome P-450scc (Tween 20/cholesterol). In LUV, a minor proportion of OG (1-5% of cholesterol) is thus sufficient to generate a domain of reactive cholesterol that maintains a near-optimum turnover. This increased CSCC was paralleled by increased binding of cholesterol to P-450scc, suggesting that this cholesterol is more readily donated by the membrane to the cytochrome.

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Dhariwal MS, Jefcoate CR


Mohan S. Dhariwal DO Assistant Professor in the Medicine department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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