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Stress pathways in the rat cochlea and potential for protection from acquired deafness. Audiol Neurootol 2002 May-Jun;7(3):152-6



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Noise overstimulation will induce or influence intracellular molecular pathways in the cochlea. One of these is the 'classical' stress response pathway involving heat shock proteins. Hsp70 is induced in the cochlea by a wide variety of stresses including noise, hyperthermia and ototoxic drugs. When a stress that induces Hsp70 is applied to the cochlea, there is protection from a subsequent noise that would normally cause a permanent hearing loss. An upstream regulator of heat shock protein transcription, heat shock factor 1, is expressed in the cochlea and activated by stress. Mice lacking this heat shock factor have reduced recovery from noise-induced hearing loss. The same noise exposure that induces Hsp70 also increases the level of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor in the cochlea. Moreover, when this neurotrophic factor is applied into the perilymph of scala tympani prior to a noise exposure there is a significant reduction in hair cell loss and hearing loss. With the potential for activation of multiple pathways in the response to noise, gene microarrays can be useful to examine global gene expression. Initial studies examined differential gene expression immediately following a mild noise exposure (from which there is complete recovery) versus an intense noise (giving profound permanent deafness). Differential expression of several immediate early genes was found following the intense but not the mild noise exposure.

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Altschuler RA, Fairfield D, Cho Y, Leonova E, Benjamin IJ, Miller JM, Lomax MI


Ivor J. Benjamin MD Center Director, Professor in the Medicine department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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