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An interprofessional workshop for students to improve communication and collaboration skills in end-of-life care American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine Published early online August 29, 2014




Interprofessional care is critical for patients at the end of life (EOL), but programs to teach communication skills to medical and nursing students are rare. The aims of this study were to determine whether an interprofessional workshop improves (1) student attitudes toward teamwork and (2) self-efficacy for communicating in difficult situations. Nursing and medical students attended a workshop with collaborative role play of an EOL conversation. Before the workshop, students showed different attitudes toward teamwork and collaboration and varying levels of confidence about communication skills. After the workshop, both groups reported more positive attitudes toward teamwork but a mixed picture of confidence in communication. Experiential interprofessional

education workshops enhance perceptions about the benefits of teamwork, but further teaching and evaluation methods

are needed to maximize the effectiveness.

Author List

Erickson JM, Blackhall L, Brashers V, Varhegyi N.


Jeanne M. Erickson PhD, RN Associate Professor in the College of Nursing department at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee